Weekend Special – Otters at Pasir Ris Park

I caught a flu bug on Sunday evening and got worse on Monday. Consulted the doctor and was given medical leave for the next day. On Wednesday, a public holiday in Singapore, I went to Pasir Ris Park for a morning walk, to get some fresh air and to sweat it out.

After parking the car, I walked towards the bridge to check out the water level. I usually find a number of photographers with their tripods and cameras set up, attached with their long lens to take pictures of migratory birds. To my surprise, there were no photographers, I guess the migratory birds season is over. I only saw a few egrets here and there. The water was shallow and still, reflecting the trees and the clear blue sky, giving a calming feel.


I did my usual morning walk along the beach front to distress and clear my mind and took a few pictures along the way.


After brisk walking for around 6 kilometres, I was dripping with perspiration. I decided not to push myself too hard as I was just recovering. I crossed the road and walked towards the Pasir Ris Town Park located within the residential estate. The otters were swimming slowly in the Sungei Tampines or Tampines River and caught the attention of the residents living in the public housing apartments.

The buildings in the background are Singapore’s Public Housing flats and the river is Sungei Tampines. (Sungei in Malay means River)
Mother and child watching the otters swimming in Sungei Tampines

I learnt that this is the same family of otters I saw at Changi Point Coastal Walk and that the family now has three otter pups.


After swimming for a while, the otters decided to go to the shore. Check out the photograph below on how they climbed up to the shore.


The adult otter was the first to climb up to recce the surroundings before bringing the pups to the shore.

Singapore Otters

After checking the surroundings which seemed safe, the whole family climbed up to the shore. People who were cycling and jogging in the Park stopped to watch them. A mother with two little girls, stood still and watched the otters. Then I noticed one of the little girls was walking towards the otters and was getting close yet she continued to approach the otters. Guess she was fascinated by the lovely otters. I walked towards her and held her shoulders gently and took small steps back as the adult otters may turn aggressive to protect their pups if we get too close. The little girl’s mother thanked me for looking out for her girl.

Singapore Otters

Check out the rest of the photographs where mama otter caught a fish to feed baby otter. What a sweet and heart-warming scene.

Baby Otter: Mummy, mummy, is this fish for me?

Singapore Otters

Mother Otter: Yes, my dear child, hold it well.


Baby Otter: This fish is so yummy


Baby Otter: This fish is big, let me enjoy it slowly


After watching the otters for a while, I checked out the other parts of the Park. There is a fishing pond in the middle of the Pasir Ris Town Park and there were people sitting by the pool, relaxing with their fishing buddies and some having picnic with their family.


Both the Pasir Ris Park and Pasir Ris Town Park are the best places to relax and getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Like I always say, always nice to be with nature after spending five days in a week in the concrete jungle. After all the perspiration, I felt much better and my stuffy nose seemed to be cleared. This is the power of fresh air and exercise.

For more on the otters, go here.

The Lowdown – Pasir Ris Park

Location: Pasir Ris Park stretches from Pasir Ris Road to Jalan Loyang Besar and can be accessed through Elias Road and Pasir Ris Green

How to get there: Bus stop no. 77129 (Opp Unit 104), 77119 (Aft Pasir Ris Way), 78109 (Downtown East), 78091 (Opp Downtown East)

Opening Hours: 24 hours a day and free for public access

Park Size: 70 hectares, stretching over 3.2km

Park lighting hours: 7:00pm to 7:00am

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

For more information on Pasir Ris Park, go to www.nparks.gov.sg.

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