Trip to Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

It was the Summer of 2019, together with my colleague, we joined a local two-day-one-night tour to the Grand Canyon and the Antelope Canyon after our annual sales conference in Las Vegas. The tour guide cum driver picked us from the hotel in Las Vegas, then we travelled along Route 66, also known as the … Continue reading Trip to Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

Wordless Wednesday in Raleigh

Wordless Wednesday in Vegas

Vegas – Shop, Learn, Watch

Another new financial year has begun. It means two things for salespeople like myself - sales achievement is reset to zero and time to fly to Vegas for our annual sales conference. This year, I flew a day earlier for shopping and recovery from jet lag. US Premium Outlet is one of the best places … Continue reading Vegas – Shop, Learn, Watch

Phuket - Nai Yang Beach

Looking Back on My Travels in 2017

2017 has come and gone. It has been a busy and fulfilling year for me. I went for two vacations and several business trips. In early March, before I started the new chapter of my career, I had a six-day getaway to Macau and Hong Kong. I enjoyed myself at Macau, a city that presents … Continue reading Looking Back on My Travels in 2017

My Reverse Bucket List

My Reverse Bucket List on Travel

I wrote a post on my bucket list in last October and that was the first time I listed down my bucket list. I am a go with the flow kind of person and don't exactly plan for my personal travels. I usually plan a trip to the back of my business travel or decide … Continue reading My Reverse Bucket List on Travel

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom is one of the many items in my bucket list. In July last year, this item in my bucket list was fulfilled. I was at Orlando to attend two conferences and was there for 12 days. Over the weekend, I went with my colleague to Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom, … Continue reading Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Grand Canyon

Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge (Grand Canyon)

As there isn't a new theme for this week's photo challenge, I am continuing with last week's theme - Edge. These pictures are taken at Grand Canyon.  I was at Las Vegas for a conference and spent a morning at Grand Canyon.  The view was awesome. My colleagues kept reminding me not to stand too near … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge (Grand Canyon)