How Blogging Impacted My Life

I have been blogging for almost eight months and I am glad I started. I started blogging to share my journey of simplifying my life and as a personal journal of my travels. As I blog, it became less about me writing my life story and experiences rather it changes me. Blogging motivates me to live a more purposeful life.


Six Areas on How Blogging Impacted My Life

I gained new skills – Blogging gave me the opportunity to improve my writing, gain new skills like setting up a blog site, and acquire new knowledge when I research for a post.

I developed an eye for photography – I enjoy taking photographs, inserting the photographs in my blog posts helps to better express my experience. With that in mind, I take photographs more intentionally.

I become more aware – When we blog, we want to write meaningful things. I become more aware of what’s happening around me, my thoughts and opinion. I filter out what is not interesting nor meaningful and blog about the meaningful thoughts and experiences that align with the goal of my blog.

I am living a more purposeful life – Upon completing the Fundamentals of Blogging course by Travel Blog Success in January, I asked myself what is the goal of my blog? I did some reflection and updated my About page to better express my goal and added My Story page that readers may know more about me. Since then, I am making more purposeful effort to live a life of simplicity, focus on experiences. You may notice that I am writing less about my travel experiences, unlike when I first started. I am sharing more about my life experiences and learnings.

I learnt about making some money – I have yet to make any money from blogging and I don’t need to make money to enjoy blogging. Having said that, I learnt how to monetize my blog through Travel Blog Success (TBS). Whether you are a travel or lifestyle blogger, you will benefit from the course and network they have to offer. Their in-depth online courses and webinars cover from technicalities of building a blog to what to charge for advertising, and how to develop a media kit. My favourite resource is their members Facebook group where more than 1,000 members swap and share tips and experiences. There is also a job opportunities board that publish freelance job opportunities.

I become more “curious” about my country, Singapore – As I engage fellow bloggers, I read about their travel experiences to different parts of the world, including Singapore. Visitors to Singapore usually visit the tourist attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, Chinatown, Little India, etc. But there are so much more to see and do in Singapore. Now, I am no longer “airborne”, I am visiting places that I have not been to or not visited for a long time. I would like to provide fellow Singaporeans, foreigners who are living here and visitors another view of Singapore. Singapore may be a small urban city, there are places like gardens, parks, nature reserves, etc we can retreat to when we want some time to ourselves or with our family and most are free for public access.


Whether I am making money or get rich through blogging or have a huge following, the biggest gain I have through blogging is how it has impacted my life.

Are you a blogger? How has blogging impacted your life? Would love to hear from you.


Disclosure: I am a Travel Blog Success Affiliate which means they offer me a commission every time someone signs up via one of my links at no additional cost to you. But this does not influence my recommendation.


Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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31 thoughts on “How Blogging Impacted My Life

  1. And do people sign up after reading one of your blog posts?
    Amazon, and I buy a lot from amazon, offered me cash back for anyone clicking and then buying anything I might recommend on my blog.

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  2. Blogging can be a great thing to do. You’ve been doing really well in just 8 months. Travel theme is a great thing to be involved in assuming one can travel.
    I’ve been blogging since 2013 or even 2012, but haven’t made any money from it. I have health issues and I had a surgery last summer, that impacts the posting frequency.
    Art blog is doing fine and that brings me students to classes, but lifescholl blog is secondary and that is very problematic. I couldn’t imagine that even when they charge for everything in full, the secondary blog is hardly visible. I mean, I have to invite every single person to visit it. I’d appreciate you read some posts, too:

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    1. Hope you have fully recovered after your surgery. I enjoy looking at art pieces though i know little about art which is the reason I am attracted to your blog that I may know more. As to blogging, I am enjoying the process and learning to be a better person and hopefully inspire others to live mindfully.


  3. Audrey, this is a great post. I have been blogging just over a year..i still dont know how to make money from . I didnt really attend any course, other than an email course to set up a blog.

    I agree bloggingvis life changing in a positive way. I havent branched out in taking photos yet either. But like you blogging really helps me become mindful of what to share, what is useful, what isnt necessary.

    Great share.. great blog

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  4. Thank you Audrey, mine started as a day to day living blog. I am enjoying every minute of it and I love to create writings of what I love doing around my home, my family life. I do share pictures of my travel and holidays. Thank you for your inspiration.

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  5. Wow 8 months! In blogger time, that’s at least a decade 😉 Congratuations!

    And I’m still learning these lessons as well. Blogging is a passion project for me, and one that has become more and more rewarding as the weeks, and months pass by.

    Good luck to you and I hope you continue to enjoy all the rewards blogging has to offer!

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  6. I like how you’ve captured what you wanted to say in such a concise and informative way. Sounds like you’re gaining a lot from blogging. Interestingly enough, I too am noticing more and the way I am thinking has changed too. Keep up your posts. I really enjoy reading your work.

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  7. Great post Audrey. I think we all grow more mindful through our blogging. Mine started about my travels but has somehow become more of a lifestyle blog. Happy blogging into the future. Enjoy.

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  8. For us blogging is an outlet. In our lives (work or personal) there will be lots of serious happenings. Lots. So for us we blog to talk about positive things, just as we try to make it a little more fun to be at work. Keep blogging and sharing. We all learn something from each other every day!

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