Bay East Garden – Morning Has Broken

A year ago, I had an early morning walk from Marina Barrage to Tanjong Rhu. I walked past the Bay East Garden (one of the gardens of the Gardens by the Bay) and captured some beautiful sights while walking. Now the area looks different due to the development of the Thomson-East Coast MRT line underway.

While walking and taking pictures using my iPhone, I was listening to the song “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens. It was early in the morning, there were not many people, the area was calm and tranquil.

Following were the photos I took at Bay East Garden a year ago. Enjoy!



The Lowdown – Bay East Garden

Getting There: 

  • By Car/Taxi – Entry to Bay East is via Tanjong Rhu Road. The entrance to the car park is on the right of the Marina Bay Golf Course and is open from 6.00am to 12.00am daily. The entrance from Marina Barrage is open 24 hours daily.
  • By Bus – Take SBS bus no. 158 to Bay East and alight at a bus stop nearby, along Rhu Cross.
  • By Foot – From Bay South Garden, take a leisurely 5-minute walk across Marina Barrage.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Admission: Free

For more information, go to


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