Korean Meal at Kimchi Land

I have been to Seoul numerous times for holiday and work and always enjoy my meals there especially kimchi or anything cook with kimchi. I simply like kimchi. ūüôā I stopped over in Seoul for a couple of days after my trip to Vegas, bought skincare and cosmetics, and enjoyed eating Korean cuisines and some … Continue reading Korean Meal at Kimchi Land

Myeong-dong Cathedral

My recent trip to Seoul was at the back of my trip to Vegas. I extended a couple of days in Seoul to take a break and do some shopping for skincare products. I stayed at Myeong-dong, the shopping district. Myeong-dong is filled with shops and almost every other shop sells skin care and cosmetics. … Continue reading Myeong-dong Cathedral

Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village

5-Day Getaway to Seoul Itinerary

I was in Seoul for work and extended 5 days for vacation. This happened in September, changing of the season from summer to autumn, the weather was less hot but the sky was gloomy. Not exactly a good time to go on vacation in Seoul. The best time would be April and November. Below is … Continue reading 5-Day Getaway to Seoul Itinerary

Namsan Tower

Summer in Seoul – N Seoul Tower

The last stop of our trip is to Namsan to visit the N Seoul Tower aka Namsan Tower (N stands for New and Namsan). ¬†After shopping, we went back to Insadong to drop our shopping bags and freshened up. Then took a taxi to the Namsan Cable Car Station and took the cable car to … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – N Seoul Tower

Korea DMZ

Summer at Korea DMZ Tour

This is my first visit to the Korea Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), the spot of division. ¬†To visit the DMZ, we need to join the local tour which we booked through Fraser Suite, Insadong, the service apartment we stayed at. ¬†We brought along our passport as it may be required for security check when entering certain … Continue reading Summer at Korea DMZ Tour


Summer in Seoul – Cheonggyocheon Stream

After sightseeing, it was time to do some shopping. ¬†After breakfast, it was still early, we stopped by Cheonggyecheon.¬†Cheonggyecheon¬†was a naturally formed stream before Seoul was designated as its capital in the Joseon Dynasty. As the city had always been surrounded by mountains, its water was flowing into downtown.¬†During the reign of King Sejong, the … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Cheonggyocheon Stream


Summer in Seoul – Samcheongdong

After our tour around Bukchon, we walked to Samcheongdong for coffee and food and to rest our tired feet. Samcheongdong is a hilly area at the northern part of Jongno-gu and east of Gyeongbukgung. ¬†There is a park in the neighbourhood, Samcheong Park, famous for its thick forest and scenic views. ¬†We walked past the … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Samcheongdong

Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village

Summer in Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village

After visiting all the Palaces, next in our itinerary is Bukchon Hanok Village, the place where a number of Korean Dramas were being filmed. ¬†I like the look of the Korean traditional house - Hanok. ¬†Would love to stay in one at my next visit to Seoul. From Insadong, where we stayed, it is walking … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village