Myeong-dong Cathedral

My recent trip to Seoul was at the back of my trip to Vegas. I extended a couple of days in Seoul to take a break and do some shopping for skincare products. I stayed at Myeong-dong, the shopping district. Myeong-dong is filled with shops and almost every other shop sells skin care and cosmetics. … Continue reading Myeong-dong Cathedral

Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village

5-Day Getaway to Seoul Itinerary

I was in Seoul for work and extended 5 days for vacation. This happened in September, changing of the season from summer to autumn, the weather was less hot but the sky was gloomy. Not exactly a good time to go on vacation in Seoul. The best time would be April and November. Below is … Continue reading 5-Day Getaway to Seoul Itinerary

Namsan Tower

Summer in Seoul – N Seoul Tower

The last stop of our trip is to Namsan to visit the N Seoul Tower aka Namsan Tower (N stands for New and Namsan).  After shopping, we went back to Insadong to drop our shopping bags and freshened up. Then took a taxi to the Namsan Cable Car Station and took the cable car to … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – N Seoul Tower


Summer in Seoul – Cheonggyocheon Stream

After sightseeing, it was time to do some shopping.  After breakfast, it was still early, we stopped by Cheonggyecheon. Cheonggyecheon was a naturally formed stream before Seoul was designated as its capital in the Joseon Dynasty. As the city had always been surrounded by mountains, its water was flowing into downtown. During the reign of King Sejong, the … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Cheonggyocheon Stream


Summer in Seoul – Samcheongdong

After our tour around Bukchon, we walked to Samcheongdong for coffee and food and to rest our tired feet. Samcheongdong is a hilly area at the northern part of Jongno-gu and east of Gyeongbukgung.  There is a park in the neighbourhood, Samcheong Park, famous for its thick forest and scenic views.  We walked past the … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Samcheongdong

Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village

Summer in Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village

After visiting all the Palaces, next in our itinerary is Bukchon Hanok Village, the place where a number of Korean Dramas were being filmed.  I like the look of the Korean traditional house - Hanok.  Would love to stay in one at my next visit to Seoul. From Insadong, where we stayed, it is walking … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul The Secret Garden

Summer in Seoul – The Secret Garden

After visiting Changdeokgung Palace, our next stop is to The Secret Garden. The Secret Garden (Huwon) is a rear garden at the Changdeokgung that flows naturally with nature and was used as a place of leisure by members of the royal family. At 78 acres, the Secret Garden takes up about 60% of the palace grounds. … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – The Secret Garden


Summer in Seoul – Changdeokgung

Glad the weather was good on the morning we visited Changdeokgung and the Huwon Secret Garden.  We walked to Changdeokgung after having breakfast in the apartment at Insadong. Changdeokgung is also known as Donggung, the Eastern Palace, because of its location to the east of Gyeongbokgung.  Changdeokgung was constructed in 1405 by King Taejong (1400-1418), … Continue reading Summer in Seoul – Changdeokgung