Summer in Seoul – N Seoul Tower

The last stop of our trip is to Namsan to visit the N Seoul Tower aka Namsan Tower (N stands for New and Namsan).  After shopping, we went back to Insadong to drop our shopping bags and freshened up. Then took a taxi to the Namsan Cable Car Station and took the cable car to the top.

At the N Seoul Tower, you will find gift shops and restaurants.  You could also go up to the tower at a fee. You will be welcomed by the love padlocks that couples lock to the grilles to demonstrate their love and commitment.  Typically their names or initials are inscribed on the padlock and its key threw away to symbolise the unbreakable love.  For some, they have their pictures attached to the love padlocks.

It is also a popular place to visit on clear days to have a panoramic view of Seoul.


After sunset, the place looks and feels different.


For information on getting there, what to see and list of restaurants, check out

Vacation in Seoul is always enjoyable. Public transport is convenient and it is a very walkable city. We had an enjoyable time, visiting the palaces and other tourists spots, relaxing, shopping and eating.  I look forward to be back in Korea during Spring time.

Hope you enjoy reading on my trip to Korea.  For the rest of my trip, check out September in Seoul.

Look out for my next post, my itinerary in brief which you may find helpful when planning a short getaway to Seoul.


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