Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday in Singapore

Wordless Wednesday in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Wordless Wednesday in Singapore

Otters by the Bay

If you have read my post on my 2 year blog anniversary, you would have read that I have been occupied with work. I have not been doing much to look for the cute otters. My last post on otters was more than a year ago. My colleague said to me that I should not … Continue reading Otters by the Bay

Stars Wars Day at Gardens by the Bay

Weekend Special – May the force be with you

Started my Saturday with a morning walk along Singapore River and was greeted by the lovely otters family where the adult otters brought the pups for a walk and play. After taking my usual walk to Empress Place, I made my way back. I completed my usual eight kilometres walk a jog. Felt good after … Continue reading Weekend Special – May the force be with you

Singapore Zoo - Elephant Performance

Morning at Singapore Zoo

It has been a couple of years since I last visited the Singapore Zoo. It feels different trying to spot animals in the wild versus seeing animals that are captured and brought up by humans. Singapore Zoo is located at Mandai Lake Road that used to be a forest where wild animals made their home. … Continue reading Morning at Singapore Zoo

Sunrise - Singapore Bay East Garden

Bay East Garden – Morning Has Broken

A year ago, I had an early morning walk from Marina Barrage to Tanjong Rhu. I walked past the Bay East Garden (one of the gardens of the Gardens by the Bay) and captured some beautiful sights while walking. Now the area looks different due to the development of the Thomson-East Coast MRT line underway. … Continue reading Bay East Garden – Morning Has Broken