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I was in Orlando for business conference in July 2015. I visited the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort over the weekend and stepped foot into the magical Cinderella Castle. A year later, 45 years after the Cinderella Castle was completed, Lego announced the launch of the Cinderella Castle aka Disney Castle.

Since it’s launched, I have been thinking about getting my hands on the Lego Cinderella Castle. But I have been hesitating as the Castle is very tall and finding an enclosed display is a challenge. Last Friday, six months after it was launched, I told myself that if there was ready available stock at the Lego shop, I will get it. I was at Vivocity for dinner and stepped into the Lego shop, to my surprise, they have two sets available. I bought a set. After dinner, I rushed home to begin my Magical experience. 🙂


The actual Cinderella Castle is grey, blue and gold, stands 189 feet (57.6 meters) tall, featuring five glittering mosaics, 13 gargoyles, a large storytelling mosaic, a clock and Disney family crest.  It took 18 months to build and was completed in July 1971. The courtyard hosts musical Disney character spectaculars.

After unpacking the bricks from the box, I entered into the Magical World of Disney. The Lego Cinderella Castle contains over 4,000 Lego pieces separated into 14 stages with five Disney character mini-figures – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell. The Lego Cinderella Castle measures 29.1 inches (74 cm) high and 18.8 inches (48 cm) wide.


I took my time to build it, pausing at every stage, capturing every stage digitally, looking at the intricate details of the Castle, enjoying the magical experience.  Started building the Castle on Friday night and completed it on Tuesday evening.

The front of the Lego Cinderella Castle is a replica of the actual Castle. The back view shows the intricately detailed interior, adorned with Disney-themed features. The four-storey main building and five-storey main tower each contain rooms with enchanting elements inspired by classic Disney Princesses and my favourite Disney character, Mickey Mouse, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Sharing my Magical experience building the Castle through some photos taken using my iPhone 6.

Stage 1 and 2 completed, check out the base of the Castle, the pillars, the storytelling mosaic and the bridge. Did you notice the crown and the two frogs at the edge?


Stage 3 completed, check out the entrance and the door to the Castle.


Stage 4 completed, could you tell who are the Disney Princesses that the various rooms or areas are depicting? Make a guess. 🙂


Completed stages 5 and 6, check out the exterior of the Castle.


Completed stages 7 to 9, isn’t it awesome looking? Notice the time on the clock?


Stage 10 to 12 completed, could you locate the rooms for the Disney Princesses and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?


Finally, presenting the Magical Cinderella Castle, where dreams come true.



Now that I have completed the Cinderella Castle, where am I displaying it? The challenge has not disappeared. I am still thinking of a place to display it. I removed the single tall tower and placed it by the side that I may fit the Castle into my display cabinet, keeping it away from dust.

For now, I am admiring it, looking to buy the Disney Princesses mini-figures from Lego to fill the rooms in the Castle and considering to get a custom made acrylic enclosure for the Castle.

Hope you enjoyed this Magical experience with me.


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19 thoughts on “Magical Experience Building Lego Cinderella Castle

  1. The Magic of Disney combined with the fascination of Legos made for a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing it with us!
    Love for Legos run deep in my family. It had been amazing to see what they can come up with for their kits. My brother is now part of a team that builds panoramas and huge projects with millions of lego pieces at a time.
    Lego Mania is alive and well for so many of us! 🙂

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  2. So cool! Regarding the pricesses’ room, i cannot realize them all but there are Snow White (Top, with the magical mirror), then Aurora (with the Weaving instrument), Cinderella (the kitchen where else could she be 🙂 ). Then right of the kitchen is the room for Belle (thanks the rose), above it is Fantasia, and I cannot recognize the last one with the bed 🙂

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    1. Wow! You are definitely a Disney fan. 🙂 I supposed the bed has to do with Aurora. You missed the scissors in the chest (the room under the mirror), that’s for Rapunzel. The frogs are Princess (Tiana) and the Frog, And there is Aladdin, check out the room on the left on the ground floor. The kitchen is also meant for Little Mermaid, Ariel though I have no idea why. Finally, Princess Merida with the bow and arrow and target board which cannot be seen from my pictures as it is hidden. So you got almost all the princesses’ rooms right. 🙂

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  3. Looks fun to build. Sad thing about lego is that it becomes a dust collector once you have built it. Perhaps thats for me only. Having satisfaction for putting the pieces together. I hope you had fun!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yup, I enjoyed building it. 😊 I totally understand the dust collecting part. I got my ID designed a floor to ceiling display cabinet for my Lego toys when I moved to my new apartment last year.


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