Wordless Wednesday

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Basilica de La Sagrada Familia

"The temple as a whole, as well being a place for divine worship, will artistically represent the truths of religion and the glorification of God and His Saints." - Antoni Gaudí I spent my year-end break reading Origin by Dan Brown and Barcelona is the city of focus in Brown's latest book. Brown wrote descriptively … Continue reading Basilica de La Sagrada Familia

Vietnam Hoi An

5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Hoi An – Day 3

Central Vietnam, Hoi An Having experienced Hoi An in the evening, we took the hotel shuttle to visit the place in the morning for a different experience. Upon alighting from the shuttle, we were welcomed by the cheery ambience of Hoi An. We walked along the main streets, checked out the merchandises in the shops … Continue reading 5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Hoi An – Day 3

Vietnam Hue Imperial City

Visit to Hue, Vietnam – Part 2

Central Vietnam, Hue (Former Capital of Vietnam) This is Part 2 of my visit to Hue which I will be sharing on our visit to The Imperial City and our River Cruise ride on the Perfume River. For Part 1, check out Visit to Hue, Vietnam – Part 1. After lunch, we were brought back to … Continue reading Visit to Hue, Vietnam – Part 2

Vietnam Hoi An

Evening at Hoi An

Central Vietnam, Quang Nam Province, Hoi An If you are at Da Nang for business and have an evening to spare, I would recommend to spend the evening at Hoi An.  It is about 30 mins drive from Da Nang. I was in Da Nang to facilitate a workshop together with my colleagues.  The workshop … Continue reading Evening at Hoi An