Weekend Special – May the force be with you

Started my Saturday with a morning walk along Singapore River and was greeted by the lovely otters family where the adult otters brought the pups for a walk and play.


After taking my usual walk to Empress Place, I made my way back. I completed my usual eight kilometres walk a jog. Felt good after the walk. It has been almost a month since I last had my morning walk. I need to get back into the morning walk rhythm.

Today was the last day of Star Wars Day event at Gardens by the Bay. We headed to South Beach for late lunch then to Gardens by the Bay.

The event started since May 4th. We reached Gardens by the Bay at around 3.30 pm and was surprised that the carpark was only half filled. We made our way to the event area and saw a few little girls dressed up as Princess Leia. They looked so lovely.

We left around 4.30 pm as the heat was unbearable. When we left, there was a queue getting into the carpark as it was full. Glad we went there early.

Check out the photos we took at the event.




May the force be with you.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Special – May the force be with you

    1. I saw them at Jiak Kim Bridge at the beginning of the Singapore River. Let me know when you are next visiting Singapore, I will let you know where to look for the lovely otters. 🙂

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