Must Do in Hualien, Taiwan

Hualien (花蓮) is a county situated on the east coast of Taiwan. It faces the Pacific Ocean to the east, Central Mountain Range to the west. It is the largest county by area yet with the lowest population in the country due to its mountainous terrain. Hualien is known for its natural and scenic environment … Continue reading Must Do in Hualien, Taiwan

Wordless Wednesday in Taiwan

Wordless Wednesday in Taiwan

Ho Chi Minh City

"Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability."   - Ho Chi Minh Last week, I was at Ho Chi Minh City for work. As it was just an hour and a half flight time, I took the window seat that I may take … Continue reading Ho Chi Minh City

Mt Fuji

Hakone, Mt Fuji

At our Spring visit to Tokyo, we made a day trip to Hakone 箱根 to catch a view of Mount Fuji. I booked a day tour where we were picked up from the hotel at Shinjuku at eight in the morning. Mount Fuji 5th Station Our first stop was to Mt Fuji 5th Station located along … Continue reading Hakone, Mt Fuji

Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park

Sakura 🌸 Experience at Ueno Park

During Spring in Tokyo, besides Shinjuku Gyoen, another must-visit park is Ueno Park, Tokyo's most popular park. At our visit to Tokyo in late March, we had the day and night hanami experience at Ueno Park. A picture speaks a thousand words, sharing my experience with the photos we captured. Enjoy. A Day at Ueno … Continue reading Sakura 🌸 Experience at Ueno Park

Food in Japan Can Never Go Wrong

I used to ask my sister why she keeps going back to Japan for holiday year after year, that's before I stepped foot into Japan. Since my first trip, I too have been going back to Japan for holiday year after year. Japan is a country that is easy to move around whether by public … Continue reading Food in Japan Can Never Go Wrong

Spring at Shinjuku Gyoen, Toyko

Sakura 🌸 Spring in Tokyo

It's the time of the year. Spring is here which means Sakura season. Glad I managed to catch it this year unlike my first Spring visit to Tokyo when I was a month too early for the cherry blossom season. We caught a red-eye flight to Tokyo and were welcomed by the beautiful cherry blossoms. … Continue reading Sakura 🌸 Spring in Tokyo