Otters by the Bay

If you have read my post on my 2 year blog anniversary, you would have read that I have been occupied with work.

I have not been doing much to look for the cute otters. My last post on otters was more than a year ago.

My colleague said to me that I should not work so hard. Instead, I should get back to my usual routine, go for a morning walk on weekends and look for otters.

I still go for morning walks on weekends but not looking for the otters. The last I saw the otters was December last year. The otters have moved out from the holt near my place after the battle between the two families of otters. In fact, the holt has been sealed by the authority as the otters no longer used it. Kinda miss the cute otters. Seeing them always put a smile on my face.

Sharing the photos of the otters that I captured last December at Gardens by the Bay.


IMG_2297 Otters by the Bay (1024x683)IMG_2298 Otters by the Bay (1024x683)IMG_2300 Otters by the Bay (1024x683)IMG_2299 Otters by the Bay (1024x683)IMG_2296 Otters crossing (768x1024)IMG_2301 Otters by the Bay (1024x682)

After sandbathing themselves, the otters ran away. That’s the last I saw them. Perhaps time to look for them again.


Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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2 thoughts on “Otters by the Bay

  1. Hi Audrey..this reminds me a bit of our Boulders Beach near Cape Town hear in South Africa. It’s home to an endangered land-based colony of African Penguins, with wooden boardwalks built to allow visitors to view them in their natural habitat. Love those otters of yours!…really cute

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