5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Da Nang – Day 4

Central Vietnam, Da Nang

The last two days of our vacation did not turn out as plan. Due to typhoon, we called off our trip to Hue. With the change in plan, we spent our day 4 at the city centre (Tran Phu Street), checked out the bridges at the Han River, the Da Nang Cathedral and Han Market.

Han River Bridge (Song Han Bridge)

Han River Bridge or Song Han Bridge is an iconic bridge in Da Nang which the people of Da Nang took pride in. It is the first swing bridge to be built in Vietnam and by the people of Da Nang. The Bridge is 201 metres long, lies on the west of the Han River. In the middle of the night, land traffic is stopped from crossing the Han River Bridge as it swings on its axis for shipping traffic to pass.

In the night, the Bridge is beautifully lit up. I have captured pictures of the lit up Bridge during my previous visits, unfortunately, my point and shoot camera failed to capture a good picture at night. Perhaps I should seriously consider learning how to operate a DSLR.

Da Nang Cathedral (Extracted from Wikipedia)

Da Nang Cathedral was constructed by Louis Vallet, a priest who sketched the overall building on the land around the Rue du Musée (the present Tran Phu Street) with construction that began in February 1923, built in Gothic style. The pink cathedral is nearly 70m high and was the only church built in Da Nang by the French colonialists.


Han Market

After visiting the Cathedral, we took a short walk to the Han Market, a two-storey building, that has been in operation since the 1940s. On the ground floor, you can find fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. There are also stalls where you can purchase tropical fruits and dried food. On the upper level is where you can purchase home appliances and fabrics. There are also tailors on the upper level.


Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is the new iconic bridge, designed and built in the shape of a dragon. It was built to take off some traffic pressure from the Han River Bridge, providing the shortest road link from the Da Nang International Airport to the other main roads in Da Nang city. On Saturday and Sunday at nine o’clock in the night, the dragon will breathe fire.


We ended the day after a sumptuous seafood dinner, then took taxi back to the resort.

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This post is part of My Vietnam Travel Series, for more on my travel experience in Vietnam, check here.


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7 thoughts on “5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Da Nang – Day 4

  1. Such a shame you missed Hue due to the weather but it looks as though you made the most of your time in Da Nang. I’ve made a note of the bridges, cathedral and market to make sure we don’t miss them on our trip this Summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did finally managed to visit Hue during one of my business trip. The customer was very kind to offer us a driver and a car for half a day that we may visit the Imperial City. Check out my other post on Hue and don’t forget to check out Hoi An. I am sure you will love the place.


  2. Audrey even though things did not go as you had planned what you ended up doing is brilliant. I love the cathederal it is magnificent and the brief history you give with each picture is very interesting
    Thank you for sharing your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

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