5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Day 5 and Parting Thoughts

Central Vietnam

After spending 4 days at Central Vietnam, it was time for us to fly back to Singapore. We checked on the weather again in the morning as there was a likelihood that typhoon may hit Da Nang. Glad the weather was fine and we flew back safely as scheduled.


Parting Thoughts on the Trip

Overall, it was a relaxing trip and we enjoyed ourselves. We spent half our time idling at the resort and relaxing by the beach which was as planned. Glad we decided to stay at Furama Resort. It’s a beautiful resort. For further read, check at 5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Da Nang – Day 1.


The visit to Ba Na Hills was recommended by my local colleague. It is a nice place and the cable car ride experience was one of the highlight of the visit. It was the longest and highest cable car ride I have taken. Though there was a heart-stopping moment, the cable car came to a complete stop at mid way. We gathered later that the mid way stop was to ensure safe distance between each cable car.

The garden at Ba Na Hills was beautiful and the air up there was fresh and cool. I guess that’s why the French discovered Ba Na Hills, built their villa there as a getaway from the heat and humidity. The Fantasy Park is more for children, therefore, if you are bringing your children with you, it will be a place to visit. For further read, check at 5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Ba Na Hills – Day 2.


Hoi An’s experience in the morning was great. If you are planning to visit Hoi An, I would suggest staying in one of the local hotels for a night that you may get to see and experience Hoi An in the evening and morning. For further read, check at 5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Hoi An – Day 3.


After a few days away from the city, the visit to the Da Nang City Centre was a refreshing change. Da Nang’s City Leaders recognise the importance of having a good land transport infrastructure for a city to grow. Before the land traffic condition becomes overly congested, they built the Dragon Bridge to manage traffic flow, shortening the travel distance from the airport to the city and holiday resorts. This improves the travel experience for the residents, and business and holiday travellers. For further read, check at 5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Da Nang – Day 4.


It was a pity that we did not get to do a day trip to Hue due to the weather. On the hindsight, if we have gone for the day trip, it would be a rush. We would be spending most of the time on the road, around 6 hours to and fro, with little time left to explore Hue. Hue is a place that is worth spending one night at as visiting The Imperial City would easily take half a day or longer.

Hope you find my sharing helpful as you plan for your getaway to Central Vietnam. In my next post as part of My Vietnam Travel Series, I will be sharing on my visit to Ho Chi Minh City. Stay tuned!  For more on my travel experience in Vietnam, check here.


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5 thoughts on “5-Day Getaway to Central Vietnam – Day 5 and Parting Thoughts

  1. Nice post on Central Vietnam. I look forward to seeing this country specially Hoi-An and Hue; once i am settled on my new job😀. Saw some nice pictures of it in travel guides as well😀. Is weather and moving around a challenge? I have relied so much on trains and subways. Cheers!!


    1. Thank you 🙂 Do avoid going there during summer as it will be hot and humid. Also avoid monsoon season as you may end up experiencing what I went through. As to moving around, it is definitely unlike traveling in Singapore, Korea, Japan and Taiwan where you can rely on trains and subways. In Vietnam, you will need to arrange private transport. From Da Nang to Hue by car is around USD60. Do not pay more than that. You should request for an hour of stop-over at My Son Ruin Temple along the way. I have not been there but I read that it is a place highly recommended to visit when you are visiting Central Vietnam. I am sure you will have a great time there and make sure you try the seafood. They are really good. 🙂


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