Blogger Recognition Award

Last month I received two nominations for Blogger Recognition Award by two fellow bloggers – Turtledesk and The Ex-Otaku. I would like to thank both of them for this nomination.

Do check out Turtledesk, an art and poetry blog dedicated to inspire readers through imagination and creativity and The Ex-Otaku, a blog to debunk foreigners of what they think they know about Japan and replace it with discoveries that a tourist might never find.


Rules of the Award

1.Thank the nominator and give a like to their blog(s)
2.Tell everyone a short bit on why you started your website
3.Give two small pieces of advice for other bloggers
4.Nominate a maximum of 15 bloggers and let them know about your nomination


Why I Started My Blog

As I mentioned in my earlier post, How Blogging Impacted My Life, I started my blog to share my journey of simplifying my life and as a personal journal of my travels. As I blog, it became less about me writing my life story and experiences rather it changes me.


Advice for Other Bloggers

As mentioned in my post, Liebster Award, authenticity is important as readers could tell from our writing. Have our readers in mind when writing, blogging is not writing a journal, something that I always remind myself. Next, engaging the blogging committee is key, an area that I did badly when I first started and I am working hard on.


My Nominees are… (Drumroll)

Almost Unsalvageable

Fragrance in My Garden

Wanderlust – A New Chapter

The Roaming Counselor


Thank you for stopping by, happy Living for Experiences!

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