Living for Experiences in 2017

As we welcome 2018, it is time to reflect on what we have done and accomplished in the past one year. Special thanks to each of you for making 2017 such an enjoyable year at Living for Experiences. 2017 is one amazing year in my blogging space, work and personal life.

Blogging Milestones

I started blogging in August 2016 and have been blogging for one year and five months. During the first four months, I wrote an average of a post a day and actively participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge. From December 2016 onwards, I started to slow down, pace myself and wrote an average of 11 posts a month.

In 2017, I wrote 130 posts with 27,806 views and 10,798 visitors to Living for Experiences. I achieved a few key blogging milestones and I would like to thank each of you for your continuous support and encouragement.

On 31 October 2017, my blog reached 1,000 total follows. It was a major milestone for me. With the growth in followers, I am humbled and feel encouraged to spend more time to improve my writing and to share more on my experiences living in simplicity that we may pursue experiences that last. Once again, special thanks to you for helping me reached this milestone.

1000 Followers - 31 Oct 2017 Crop

In 2017, I received nominations for six categories of awards. The award nominations were a great encouragement to me. I did not expect that I will be nominated for any awards by fella bloggers. Thank you, everyone, once again. Your encouragement makes the journey sweeter.

Sunshine Blogger Award – Nominated by Emma of Curly Girl Abroad blog and Vanessa of Wanderlust Plus One blog

Liebster Award – Nominated by Journeys of Len blog and Peter of Life Blog

Blogger Recognition Award – Nominated by Turtledesk blog and The ExOtaku blog

Versatile Blogger Award – Nominated by Peter of Life Blog and Hussein of General Topics Blog

One Lovely Blog Award – Nominated by Peter of Life Blog and Kay of His Perfect Timing Blog

Real Neat Blog Award – Nominated by Magic & Beauty Blog

Most Viewed Posts in 2017

5-Day Autumn Getaway to Kyoto, Osaka & Nara Itinerary This trip was made in November 2016 and I took a little over a month to sort out the photos. I love the old world charm of Kyoto. Would love to be back in Kyoto perhaps in Spring.


My Reverse Bucket List on Travel This is also my personal favourite post for 2017. This post is about the places I visited and did there. This post will always be my all-time favourite.

Life is like a Cup of Coffee This post is a story about the conversation between a Professor and his former students. What is of true value to you? What makes your life great and meaningful? Add that to the existing content in the cup of your life. Remove what distracts you from living your life.

Magical Experience Building Lego Cinderella Castle This is another of my personal favourite post for 2017. I had so much fun putting together the Lego Cinderella Castle of over 4,000 pieces. I thought that this is going to be my last Lego build, but I was wrong. I received the Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series as a Christmas present. I spent my Christmas week putting it together and completed building it two hours before the end of 2017. Will share my experience in the later post. Stay tuned!


Cinderella Castle

Phuket – Pung Chang Cave & Wat Suwan Khuha This post is on my first business trip after I started my new chapter in life. I had a wonderful time in Phuket for a day of team building, followed by two full days of training.


Go Green Travelling Some suggestions and small tweaks we could make to begin to travel responsibly. Take nothing with us except photographs, leave nothing behind except your footprints.

For my personal favourite posts in 2017, check out 2017 Favourites.

Whether you have been reading Living for Experiences for a week, a month, a year or longer, thank you so much for your support. Thank you for reading and being a part of my 2017. And thank you for sharing these posts with others.

In 2018, Living for Experiences will continue to evolve and be redefined. I have updated the theme to Photo Blog and also changed the tagline from “Simplify . Travel . Explore” to “Simplify . Explore . Enjoy”. Staying true to its core message, simplify my life that I may explore new places and enjoy the experiences.

Wishing all a blessed 2018!

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Living for Experiences!

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21 thoughts on “Living for Experiences in 2017

  1. It is interesting to read about your progress as a blogger since 2016. Both your messages and your photos are full of encouragement to others and you express a zest for life and aiming to for the good. Your success is an inspiration to others like me who are starting out. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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