Wordless Wednesday in Kyoto – Week 13

Kyoto Gion



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Audrey is a lifestyle and travel blogger and a technology marketeer by trade, living in Singapore. She is pursuing a life of simplicity, focusing on experiences - reducing her possessions, staying responsible to the environment and increasing her self-sufficiency. She also enjoys travelling and exploring Singapore to find a new perspective in life.

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday in Kyoto – Week 13

    1. Please do. This idea didn’t come from me. It is an existing practice, no idea who started it. So far I think there is only Wordless Wednesday. I like this idea coz we leave the imagination to the readers.

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    2. ahhh … at first I didn’t realize what wordless wednesday meant. silly me i thought it meant you were having a day without words or speaking on wednesdays. 🙂 now duh i see it means to just post a photo without leaving any words to describe it or tell about it. neat idea! and i do see below that the idea didn’t come from you but it’s a cool idea. thank you!

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