Day 5 at Sun Moon Lake & The Lalu

On our day 5 in Taiwan, we woke up at six in the morning hoping to see the sunrise but the sky was too cloudy, no sight of the sun. It was definitely a pity but we were glad we woke up early to enjoy the view of the Sun Moon Lake from atop at the balcony of The Lalu hotel room. The Sun Moon Lake was indeed beautiful and captivating. Felt surreal just looking at The Lake. The Lake was so calm that it looked like a beautiful painting.

Morning View of the Poetic Sun Moon Lake from Atop


Morning View of The Lalu Island & 慈恩塔 Ci-En Pagoda

Sun Moon Lake - The LaluSun Moon LakeSun Moon Lake

More pictures of The Sun Moon Lake taken from the balcony of The Lalu hotel suite before our visit to the former residence of President Chiang Kai-Shek at The Lalu.


The Lalu & Han-Bi Side Walk

Stepping out of The Lalu Hotel, we stepped into The Lalu Memorial Hall, the former residence of President Chiang Kai-Shek, situated on the right side of the main entrance of The Lalu.


Built in 1901, it was first used as an official guest house during the Japanese occupation. After KMT moved the ROC Government to Taiwan in 1949, President Chiang Kai-Shek resided at The Lalu and some government decisions were made at this location.


During those days, accompanied by Madame Chiang in the early morning or at nightfall, President Chiang took this boat for a lake tour which circled the Lalu Island. The boat would also go around the lakeshore of Syuenguang Temple Jetty which is on the opposite side, or they would enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset on the lake.  Wish I could do that every day.


This Jetty was exclusively used by former President Chiang Kai-Shek for his boat tour landings. During his stay, the entire peninsula was strictly guarded by the military police.


Chiang Kai-Shek’s Private Church

Walking along the Han-Bi Side Walk or Hiking Trail, we reached President Chiang’s Private Church.

Sun Moon Lake
View of the Church from the bottom of the hill
Sun Moon Lake - The Lalu
View from the Church
View of The Sun Moon Lake from the Chiang’s Private Church

After our walk along Han Bi Side Walk, we stopped by at the cafe for drinks and relaxed by the Lake.


Then we walked down to the bottom of The Lalu and had lunch at the cafe.


慈恩塔  Ci-en Pagoda

After lunch, we arranged for a car to tour around the area. First stop was to Ci-en Pagoda. The Chinese style pagoda is 46 meters tall. It was built by the Chiang Kai-Shek in memory of his mother. Completed in 1971 and sits on the hill south-east of the lake.


After climbing 400-metre, we have reached the bottom of the Pagoda.  Another nine-storey to reach the top to strike the bell and make a wish.

Sun Moon Lake - Ci-En Pagoda

Sun Moon Lake - Ci-En PagodaSun Moon Lake - Ci-En PagodaSun Moon Lake - Ci-En Pagoda

Making my way down the Pagoda after striking the Bell and making my wish.


文武廟  Wenwu Temple

Next stop is to Wenwu Temple. It was built after rising water levels from building a dam that forced several smaller temples to be removed. It is the biggest temple on the Northern bank of the Sun Moon Lake. Wenwu temple venerates both the patron gods of civil and martial affairs, devoted to Lord Wenchang, Confucius and Saint Guan.


After our afternoon tour, we headed back to The Lalu for a nice Chinese dinner.


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6 thoughts on “Day 5 at Sun Moon Lake & The Lalu

  1. Fascinating! Your photos and narration give me the feeling that I’ve visited Sun Moon Lake and The Lalu myself, even though I haven’t. I enjoy traveling vicariously through your blog posts.

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