Day 6 at Sun Moon Lake and Taipei

My day 6 in Taiwan, the day I bid farewell to the beautiful and surreal Sun Moon Lake.  For my earlier postings on my trip to Taiwan, check out Taiwan

Walked around The Lalu and visited the Wen Wan Resort, the resort hotel next door, before heading back to Taipei.  The Wen Wan Resort is on the original location of the President Chiang Kai-Shek’s Guesthouse.  Statues of President Chiang and Madame Chiang relaxing and having a chat captured in the picture on bottom right.

The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful place.  Looking at the Lake made me feel calm and peaceful.  A place that I miss and would love to be back.



After bidding farewell to Sun Moon Lake, took taxi to the HSR station, bought the must- try rail bento for lunch and took the HSR back to Taipei.


Upon reaching Taipei Rail Station, headed back to Sheraton to check-in and freshen up. Then had my afternoon coffee and cake at a cafe inside a yoga centre – Easyoga.   After coffee, I bummed around and saw lots of people at a fair.  Found it rather strange as it was a weekday, then got to know that it was Children’s Day.

Next stop is to the IT Mall – 光華商場.  Did not see any interesting gadgets.  Proceed for early dinner, made my way to the original 鼎泰丰 DingTaiFeng located at Xinyi Road hoping to avoid the dinner crowd.   Arrived before 6pm but there was already a long queue, mostly tourist.  Went to the bookstore next door to kill time.

The service at DingTaiFeng is super efficient.  They have a very structure and efficient process to serve their customers.  小籠包 Dumpling taste as good as Singapore and the noodle taste good too but different.  It is worth the wait just to eat at the original 鼎泰丰 DingTaiFeng. 🙂


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