Short Getaway to Tokyo

I was in Tokyo for vacation in Spring, after Lunar New Year. The weather was cool and comfortable though it was a bit early to see cherry blossom. Glad we went, any later, this trip may not have happened due to crazy business travel schedule.

We finally stepped out of Narita Airport Terminal 1 to Tokyo for the very first time after transiting there multiple times over the years on our way to the US. We took the coach from the airport (3,100 Yen per person) that dropped us at Courtyard Marriott Ginza and took a short walk to our hotel – Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel at Ginza (銀座), Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district.

With data roaming access, we found our way from Courtyard Marriot Ginza to the hotel using the Google map. The hotel we were putting up is located above the Higashi-ginza Tokyo Metro Station. By the time we checked into our room, it was almost 8 pm. The hotel room was small but neat and well organised. Space was well optimised with a queen size bed and an open wardrobe. The washbasin was located outside the bathroom and a separate cubicle for toilet and shower area. The layout is definitely optimised for room sharing.

Taking the travel flight time into consideration, we only have 3 full days of sight-seeing and shopping. To make the most of the 3 days, we did little shopping except for specific local stuff.

For Day 1 we spent in Central Tokyo, Day 2 at Northern Tokyo and Day 3 at Western Tokyo.  We did a lot of walking that we may explore and experience the city and also to enjoy the beautiful weather. Taking the public transportation in Tokyo, i.e. Tokyo Metro, is easy and efficient but it could get very crowded during peak hours which we avoided.

Moving around the city by public transport in Tokyo, referring to the Tokyo Metro, is easy and efficient but it could get very crowded during peak hours which we avoided. After watching the videos on peak hour travelling on Tokyo Metro, there is no way I would want to put myself in that situation. It is really insane.

The beautiful weather made our experience great. The trip may be short but long enough for us to fall in love with Japan. Check out Tokyo Short Getaway on the highlights of my trip.


The Lowdown – Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel

Address: 5-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-Ku Ginza Tokyo, Japan 104-0061


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    1. Thank you, check out my other posts on my Tokyo trip. Follow my blog if you find it interesting. 🙂 By the way, I like your post on Memoirs of a Geisha. Love the book and the movie.


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