Spend time with people… Not with devices

Recently I received a text message on a conversation between an elderly father and his adult child. I found it meaningful and thought I should share with a bigger audience. This is how it goes…

I had spent an hour in the bank with my dad, as he had to transfer some money, I could not resist myself and asked…

“Dad, why don’t we activate your internet banking?”

“Why would I do that?” Dad asked

“Well, then you won’t have to spend an hour here for things like cash transfer. You can even do your shopping online. Everything will be so easy and efficient.”

I was so excited about initiating him into the world of internet banking.

He asked, “If I do that, I won’t have to step out of the house?”

“Yes, yes!”, I responded excitedly.

I told him how even grocery can be delivered to the doorstep now and how companies like Amazon delivers everything!

Dad’s answer left me tongue-tied.

Dad said, “Since I stepped into this bank today, I have met four of my friends. I have chatted a while with the staff who know me very well by now. You know I am alone…this is the company that I need. I like to get ready and come to the bank. I have enough time, it is the physical touch that I crave.”

Dad continued, “Two years back I got sick, the store owner from whom I buy fruits, came to see me and sat by my bedside and cried. When your mum fell down few days back while doing her morning walk, our local grocer saw her and immediately rush her home using his car as he knows where we live.

Dad asked, “Would I have that ‘human’ touch if everything is done online? Why would I want everything delivered to me and force me to interact with just my computer?”

Dad continued, “I like to know the person that I’m dealing with and not just the ‘seller’. It creates bonds. Relationships. Does Amazon deliver all this as well?”

Technology isn’t life…Spend time with people… Not with devices.

Technology provides us convenience that we may have more time to spend with our loved ones and do things that matter. Unfortunately, many of us become “slave” to technology and put the blame on technology.

Let’s use our devices and leverage on technology to live a better quality life and not let it take control of our lives. Interact with human, not with devices.

Thank you for stopping by, happy Living for Experiences!

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26 thoughts on “Spend time with people… Not with devices

  1. I have never thought of it. Going out, meeting people you know, chatting for a while and maybe ending up having dinner together instead of staying at home all day long! That is what life is about not just doing anything through internet 😦 very inspirational article 😀

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  2. So true…especially the banking incident. I had experienced this 3 years ago in India and had written a post on fb, much before I started blogging. The human touch is so important which the current generation has no clue about. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You are welcome 🙂 We have incidents in Singapore where elderly individuals who were almost scammed but the staff at the bank noticed something was not right and prevented the money transfers. If money was transferred online, then the scammers would have gotten away with the money.

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  3. Such a wonderful story you share here to accompany the photo, Audrey! Let’s keep having in-person interactions ~ These relations help stave off loneliness and can be highlights in our day 🙂

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  4. Hear hear. So spot on. I actually felt a bit emotional reading this. Our society is becoming so technical that we are losing so many of our senses. Soon humans will just be robots. Well not me. I still love real people contact

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  5. A small contradiction when using WP-technology in order to promote a life with less technology?! Otherwise agreed upon, but here with me banks are closing so the nearest possibility getting money from my bank account is now a not too big super-market where I get cash from my account when buying food for at least € 20 – times are changing!

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  6. I wish more people can understand how important interacting with other human beings is. Yes technology does save time but leaves you isolated and alone with loads of time alone that leads to depression.
    Thank you for this most challenging post.

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  7. Technology. Is it boon or bane? And for what purposes?
    Our view is: for work it hopefully can be be more boon (productivity etc) than bane (work late, accessible 24/7).
    For social interaction : it can also be boon (keep in touch with ppl far away), but bane (heads down at dinner time).
    Balance. That’s what we need. Like a diet, overindulging in one food may lead to negative consequences. And so it is with Technology.

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