Food in Japan Can Never Go Wrong

I used to ask my sister why she keeps going back to Japan for holiday year after year, that’s before I stepped foot into Japan. Since my first trip, I too have been going back to Japan for holiday year after year.

Japan is a country that is easy to move around whether by public transport, walk or drive. And food in Japan is great too. Step into any eatery, restaurant or food cart aka Yatai, the food can never go wrong. The experience is always good even if you do not speak a word of Japanese.

As I am an ad-hoc type of traveller, I do not plan on where to eat unless it’s being planned for me or recommended by friends. In my most recent trip to Tokyo, we had meals at different places and we enjoyed all our meals. Following photos captured our experience. Enjoy.๐Ÿ˜Š

From the Narita airport, we headed directly to the hotel in Shinjuku to check in and drop our luggage. We were craving for some warm soupy food and grab a bowl of udon soup at an eatery near the hotel.

Day 1 Lunch Udon

At about dinner time, we walked along the streets of Shinjuku and decided to check out this place for dinner. Turned out to be a very good meal. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Day 2 Lunch
Simple lunch followed by a cup of cappuccino
Day 2 Dinner at Shinjuku
Another elaborate dinner at the hotel we were putting up at Shinjuku
Day 3 Lunch
Another nice Japanese lunch

We were bumming around and reached the Ginza area. Decided to check out this restaurant. Food is good.

As the weather was cool, we were craving for some soupy food. We landed ourselves at a Korean restaurant, had kimchi soup and bulgogi for lunch after visiting the Imperial East Gardens.

Day 4 Lunch Korean Food In Japan at Tokyo

When in Japan, it is a must to eat ramen, at least for me. We had a bowl of ramen at an eatery at Shinjuku.

Day 4 Dinner Ramen

On the last day of our trip before flying back the next day, we made a day trip to Hakone. Lunch at Hakone was good.

Day 5 Lunch at Hakone

After we got back from Hakone, we headed to Ueno Park to see the cherry blossoms. We had a quick dinner at the restaurant at the Ueno Station before heading to Ueno Park.

Day 5 Dinner at Ueno

We had a wonderful time in Japan, we enjoyed the scenery, weather and food. Can’t wait to be back in Japan for another vacation.

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19 thoughts on “Food in Japan Can Never Go Wrong

  1. My niece got to visit Japan several years ago and loved it. Your photos of all the delicious food has my mouth watering! The presentation of the food is exquisite. A feast for the eyes and mouth!

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  2. I can see why you keep coming back! This is my 3rd time to Japan and I’m here to stay! Haha.

    There is so much to explore in Japan and even the same place seems to change depending on the season. I really enjoy Tokyo for its ability to keep you entertained, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit by the beach and watch the sunset with hardly anyone around you.

    I hope you can explore the countryside of Japan sometime, too! Minamiboso is only 2 hours from Tokyo and has a lot of fun outdoor activities to do like surfing, biking, hiking, and camping. The sushi is amazing (Minamiboso actually catches and sends fish to Tsukiji Fish Market!), and bonus – you can see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.

    Anyway I like your blog and hope you can come back to Japan soon! Safe travels!

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  3. Thank you for whetting my palate for banquet of Japanese food. I love sushi and all things Japanese but have never had the chance to travel. Thank you for taking me on this culinary and cultural tour of the colorful and mysterious country of Japan.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

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