Morning at Singapore River – Part II


After walking for more than 2 kilometers from our starting point at Kim Seng Bridge, we are at the Central Business District of Singapore.

Empress Place Lawn

We have arrived at the place where Sir Stamford Raffles first landed in Singapore on 28 January 1819. A white statue of Sir Stamford Raffles is standing at the place believe to be where Sir Stamford Raffles first landed. This is a popular spot for tourists.




Facing the three reflective spheres is the Asian Civilisations Museum.  It was set up in 1993 under the auspices of the National Heritage Board as one of three National Museums, along with the National Museum and the National Art Museum.  It is devoted to preserving the cultural heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans.


A group of students having their field lesson with their teachers

Next to the Asian Civilisations Museum is the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, a performing arts center.  It is a complex of two buildings and a clock tower joined together by a common corridor.  The oldest part of the building was first built in 1862 as the Town Hall and in early 1900s, a second public hall was built next to it.  The complex has undergone a number of renovations and refurbishment, it reopened on 15 July 2014 after it was closed for a four-year renovation project.




Esplanade Park

As we walk towards the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, we passed by the Elizabeth Walk where The Lim Bo Seng Monument is located. Mr Lim Bo Seng (27 April 1909 – 29 June 1944) was a Chinese resistance fighter based in Singapore and Malaya during World War II, our war hero.


Ahead of us is the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.  In Singapore, we called that The Durian Theatre as the roof tops resemble spikes of the durian husk.



Can you see the cloud that is raining? Cloud Nine: Raining is a contemporary artwork that appears to be floating above the water – defying gravity just as Singapore overcame its challenges.  This artwork is to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday as a highlight of the Jubilee Walk. Thanks to the Jubilee Walk, I could walk from my home to Esplanade without having to pause to cross the road as the pedestrian paths are all connected via pedestrians bridges and underpasses.



The Jubilee Bridge is a 220-metre-long pedestrian bridge linking the Merlion Park to the waterfront promenade in front of the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay to commemorate Singapore 50 years of nation building.


Looking across from the Esplanade is the Marina Bay Sands with signature attractions – The Shoppes, Sands SkyPark, The Casino, ArtScience Museum, Wonder Full Light & Water Show, The Sands Theatre, The Sands Expo & Convention Centre and many notable restaurants.

We have completed our walk along the Singapore River.  In my next post, we will cover on the journey back to Kim Seng Bridge, where we take a view of the Singapore River in the opposite river bank.


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