Wordless Wednesday

Singapore Changi Beach

Changi Point Coastal Walk

It has been a while since I woke up this early for a morning walk. After parking the car at the carpark in front of Changi Point Ferry Terminal, we walked to Changi Point Coastal Walk. When I turned back, I saw the sun shining through the cloud and the sea reflecting its light. Glad … Continue reading Changi Point Coastal Walk

Bt Timah Nature Reserve Visitors Centre by AudreySimplicity

Short Hike Up Bukit Timah Hill

After two years of restoration works, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve was reopened on 22nd October. The slopes and trails were repaired and enhanced to make it safer for the public. This 163-ha reserve includes Singapore’s highest hill, Bukit Timah Hill, which stands at 163 m and retains one of the few areas of primary … Continue reading Short Hike Up Bukit Timah Hill

Singapore F1 Track

Exploring Kallang River

Another 12 km Walk along Kallang River The weather was good and I went for my 12 km walk to the Sports Hub. I decided to take a different route to explore the Kallang River, capturing what I saw along the way digitally using my iPhone. Started my walk on a sunny morning, checked out … Continue reading Exploring Kallang River

Marina Cityscape by AudreySimplicity

My First 2017 Morning Walk

Happy New Year! Woke up at 7 am and glad the weather was great. I went for my first morning walk of 2017. It was a beautiful morning. Took my usual route, walked along the Singapore River. Today's walk was longer than usual. I walked for 12 km, met my friend for brunch at the … Continue reading My First 2017 Morning Walk

Namsan Park

Imagine Your Autumn in Seoul

I was in Seoul in early November two years ago, in time to witness the changing colour of the leaves and the changing of season. I was there for business and stayed at Grand Hyatt, Namsan at Yongsan district, right next to Namsan Park, the largest park in Seoul. Grand Hyatt is one of the … Continue reading Imagine Your Autumn in Seoul

Singapore Chinese Garden

Visiting Singapore Japanese Garden as a Local Tourist

After visiting the Chinese Garden, I crossed the bridge connecting to the Japanese Garden, continuing my Local Tourist experience. The Japanese Garden is a strolling garden showcasing a landscape style originating from the Muromachi and Momoyama periods of Japanese history. I explored the place, walked past the Guesthouse along Garyuchi pond.   After walking around for two … Continue reading Visiting Singapore Japanese Garden as a Local Tourist

Singapore Chinese Garden

Visiting Singapore Chinese Garden as a Local Tourist

On Sunday morning, I visited the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden which are situated next to each other on two little islands connected via a bridge with both islands connected to the main island. The last I visited the Singapore Chinese Garden was when I was a little girl. On the way to the Chinese Garden, … Continue reading Visiting Singapore Chinese Garden as a Local Tourist