Autumn in Barcelona – Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

From the Museum, I made my way to Passeig de Gracia to check out the queue at Casa Batllo. It was my lucky day, there was barely any queue, I bought my ticket and stepped into Gaudi’s mystical masterpiece, I nicknamed it – The House of Mask.

The facade is sprinkled with bits of blue, mauve and green tiles and studded with wave-shaped window frames and “skulls” balconies, rises to an uneven blue-tiled roof with a solitary tower. To me, the “skulls” balconies look more like masquerade masks.


The building was designed for Josep Batlló, a wealthy aristocrat, as an upmarket home, by Antoni Gaudi. Señor Batlló lived in the lower two floors with his family and the upper floors were rented out as apartments.

Upon entering the building, I was given a pair of headset and device where I used to point at specific areas and images of the original settings will appear on the screen. Check out the photo below that explained what the people were looking at while listening to the narrative.


Do you notice the glass discs on the windows of the main room?


Check out the whirlpool on the ceiling of the main room where the light is located.


Lots of detailed thinking was done in the whole design and structure of this building. The blue on the higher part of the skylight is a deeper colour that we may see an even tone when daylight stream into the courtyard.



When visiting Casa Batllo, do not miss the rooftop. Like La Pedrera, the rooftop serves lots of function, meaning that it is not just a beautiful sight but functional.


View of the Casa Batllo at the golden hour and after the sky turned dark. The building looks just as beautiful and mysterious.



After my visit to Casa Batllo, I grabbed my dinner and made my way back to the hotel to pack my luggage and plan for my trip to Madrid.

This trip was made in November 2015.


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