Home Moving

Since the day I moved out from my parents’ home to live on my own, I have started to buy more things and accumulate more things.   I bought more clothes, bags, shoes, watches, jewelries, books, toys, bedding, towels, etc.  I bought out of impulse because the items were on discount or they look good that I just want to have them.   I simply enjoy the process of buying and unwrapping new items.  I know I sound like a shopaholic.   I started to accumulate things that I do not need nor use.  I bought a set of 8 cooking pots, a set of 8 kitchen knives and 2 sets of WMF cutlery (each set comes with cutlery for six person).  I ended up only using 1 cooking pot, 1 kitchen knife and cutlery for 2.

When I travel to US,  I will go crazy buying stuff that I do not need especially at the Outlets as the prices are so good.  During one of my trips to US that I stayed for three weeks, I bought an additional luggage from the Tumi store for my purchases.   At the end of that trip, my two check-in luggage were packed to the rim that I have to sit on top of them to close them.  Besides the two checked-in luggage, I had two hand carry with me.

After moving multiple times, to be exact four times in eight years, I started to question myself on the amount of things I have as they have become a baggage to me.   I had 10 boxes of items that I left in storage for four years barely touched.  Do I need them?  Will I use them?  I doubt.

In my recent move, I moved everything from my previous apartment to my new apartment as I was in a hurry to vacate the place and have little time to organise what to move, give away or trash.  When I opened up the boxes to unpack, I realised that I have a few boxes of things that are new and unopened and I doubt I will use them.  There are some items that I only use for a couple of times when I first bought them.

After my trip to Japan and reading articles on how Japanese live minimally,  I am motivated to live with less, with essentials and reduce my baggage.  Unnecessary possessions distract me.  In the last two months, I have packed and gave away six big bags of clothes, shoes, toys and kitchenware to my siblings and Salvation Army.  I have also posted items on Carousell for sale and sold some.  More items to be posted as I organise my apartment, one area at a time.

I used to feel happy when I see my shelves being filled, now I feel happy when I see my shelves clearing out, one shelf at a time.

Live with less, live with essentials, reduce waste, live happy.

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