Be Inspired Monday

At Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Do’s & Don’ts for Solo Female Traveller

If you have followed my blog, you probably know that safety is a top priority for me especially when come to travel. I have travelled solo for business most of the time for nine years and have no problem venturing new places on my own as long as I have assessed that the place of … Continue reading Do’s & Don’ts for Solo Female Traveller

In my travel handcarry

Travel Essentials in My Hand Carry

After jet setting for business for nine years, spending 70% of my time away from home to different parts of the world, I am ever ready to pick up my luggage to leave for a trip. Whether I am travelling for business or leisure, following are the essentials in my hand carry: Travel Wallet - I have … Continue reading Travel Essentials in My Hand Carry

Singapore Cityscape - Let's Keep Clean

Let’s Keep Clean

Most Singaporeans take pride in the cleanliness of our city, myself included. Whether I am in Singapore or overseas, I would hold my trash till I found a trash bin. There were times when I was overseas, I held my trash all the way back to the hotel because I could not find a trash … Continue reading Let’s Keep Clean

Less Stuff, More Happiness

I have moved to my new apartment for more than four months. During these four months, I did some major decluttering especially my wardrobe, shoes, bags and kitchenware. Besides giving away three big bags of clothes (Decluttering my Bedroom), I sold a number of stuff which add up to a decent cash back. This is a … Continue reading Less Stuff, More Happiness

Decluttering My Finances

As I declutter my possessions, I also started decluttering my finances by listing down and reviewing my expenses and investments.  This helps me to understand my spending pattern and how best to manage my finance and to build up passive income. Monthly Expenses Income tax, property tax, home mortgage, insurance, utilities, internet and mobile phone … Continue reading Decluttering My Finances


Decluttering My “Storage Area”

After organising my bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom,  the next area to tackle - my "storage area". I may have moved to a bigger apartment but there is no storage room. As I prefer open concept, the wall that separated the kitchen and living area were knocked down and the door at the yard area for … Continue reading Decluttering My “Storage Area”

Recycle Bin

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I spent my last weekend, decluttering my living area and have emptied two shelves.  Feel so good about it to see more empty space.  Have packed three bags of items to be given to Salvation Army and a bag to go into the recycle bin. As we declutter, reduce our possessions and keeping the essentials, … Continue reading Reduce, Reuse, Recycle