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Taiwan Day 3 at Qingshui Cliff and Shakadang Trail

Note: This trip was made in December 2018. After the pit stop at the Taroko Archway, the starting point of the Gorge trail, the guide brought us to the Qingshui Cliff. Qingshui Cliff is located on the section of the Suao-Hualien Highway, one of the most spectacular sights on Taiwan’s Pacific coast. The cliff is

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Takachiho Gorge 高千穂峡

Miyazaki, Kyushu

Takachiho Gorge (高千穂峡) is a narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River. The Gorge was formed after an eruption of Mount Aso the lava flowed from Mount Aso and over time eroded to create 80~ 100m high cliffs of volcanic basalt columns which filled the narrow valley of the Gokase River. We

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