Wordless Wednesday in Bali

Wordless Wednesday in Singapore

Blessed 2018!

Since I moved to my apartment one and a half years ago, the view of the transient beauty of sunset from my apartment's balcony never fails to captivate my attention. I could not help but took pictures of the beautiful sky. Following are a few of the photos I took in the last one year … Continue reading Blessed 2018!

Hong Kong Peak Sunset

Hong Kong – Sunset at The Peak

At The Peak, most of us will probably go to the tourist attractions like Madame Tussauds or view the cityscape from The Sky Terrace 428 or the Lion Pavilion. When you are at The Peak, do also catch the beautiful sunset.  Following were some of the photos we captured of the sunset.     Thank you … Continue reading Hong Kong – Sunset at The Peak

Phuket Kruvit Raft

Kruvit Raft & Old Phuket Town

After a day of volunteer work and team building, we have started the serious part of the trip. The next two days were full day training starting from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm with no view of the beach and blue sky except during tea breaks and lunch time. Day one of our training was … Continue reading Kruvit Raft & Old Phuket Town

Phuket - Nai Yang Beach

Phuket – Pung Chang Cave & Wat Suwan Khuha

I started my new chapter in life in April which means I have dived into another bowl of alphabet soup. In the technology industry, acronyms and abbreviations are widely used. A certain acronym or abbreviation that made up of the same alphabets means different things under a different context. My first week of work was … Continue reading Phuket – Pung Chang Cave & Wat Suwan Khuha

Sunset at Hanoi Old Quarters

Two Hours of Sightseeing in Hanoi

Vietnam, Hanoi If you are in Hanoi and only have two hours to spare for sightseeing, I would recommend to visit Ho Hoan Kiem or Hoan Kiem Lake located between the Old Quarter and the French Quarter.   Hilton Opera & Hanoi Opera House I have visited Hanoi multiple times but only for business. I usually … Continue reading Two Hours of Sightseeing in Hanoi

Sunset in Singapore

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine (Sunset)

The sun was shining brightly before calling it a day.   My response to this week's WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme - Shine.   Thank you for stopping by Audrey