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Umagase & Cape Hyuga – Where Wishes Come True

Umagase & Cape Hyuga, Kyushu

After taking a quick bite at Sakurajima, we made our way to Miyazaki. We took a pit stop and saw the tourist board introducing Umagase, a scenic and beautiful place. As it was early afternoon, I did a search on Google and found the phone number and keyed into our car GPS and made our

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Shalom! Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Shalom! Continuing our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier post, check out  Shalom! Israel Continuing our journey reliving the life of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee. According to the New Testament, Jesus lived, preached and performed miracles in the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding area.  It was here that Jesus fed five

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