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Happiness is the key to success

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Be Inspired Monday

Singapore Changi Beach

Chasing After Happiness & Beauty 

After a relaxing facial treatment at the spa I frequent, the spa manager once again made her sales pitch to me. She said I should sign up for the new anti-aging package to prevent wrinkle due to work stress. I asked if she has heard of a story about a businessman and a fisherman. This … Continue reading Chasing After Happiness & Beauty 


Life is like a Cup of Coffee

As I was going through my photos while enjoying a cup of coffee, I saw this photo, "The Cup Story", that I took in Seoul. This photo reminds me of a famous quote by an unknown author - "Life is like a cup of coffee". This quote has a story that accompanies it. The story … Continue reading Life is like a Cup of Coffee

Dim Sum Lunch

Dim Sum Lunch – Live with No Regrets

Last week, my brother bought us dim sum for lunch at the old Chinese Restaurant where our parents used to bring us when we were kids. A place that brings back memories and the reason that my brother chose this Restaurant and thought dad would like it. Unfortunately, dad did not enjoy the food as … Continue reading Dim Sum Lunch – Live with No Regrets