Nakatsu Castle, Oita, Kyushu

Nakatsu Castle

From Beppu, after another sumptuous breakfast and bidding farewell to the housekeeper, we made our way to Fukuoka. Along the way, we made a detour to the Nakatsu city to check out the Nakatsu Castle. We are glad we did that detour. Nakatsu (中津市) is a city on the northern border of Ōita Prefecture in … Continue reading Nakatsu Castle

Nagasaki Shimbara Castle

To The Castle, “Hell” & Back

We have a relaxing evening at Dejima Wharf upon arrival at Nagasaki, we spent the next morning at Shimbara Castle, then to Unzen Jigoku after an early lunch. The weather was amazing and the sky was clear. We keyed the telephone number of Shimabara Castle into the GPS and easily found our way there. We … Continue reading To The Castle, “Hell” & Back

Osaka Castle Museum

Autumn at Osaka Castle Museum

Day Four Morning in Osaka - November 2016 After an awesome experience at Nijo Castle at Kyoto, our next destination was to Osaka. We took the rail from Kyoto Station to Osaka for a day trip. The itinerary for the day was to spend the morning at Osaka Castle and the rest of the day at … Continue reading Autumn at Osaka Castle Museum

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom is one of the many items in my bucket list. In July last year, this item in my bucket list was fulfilled. I was at Orlando to attend two conferences and was there for 12 days. Over the weekend, I went with my colleague to Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom, … Continue reading Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World