Sailing boats anchored at Singapore Changi Point

In The Mood for Travel

Are you in the mood for travel? I have been travelling back to back for three weeks since my trip to Macau, Hong Kong, followed by Phuket and Bangkok. If you are following my Instagram, you would have noticed my travels. I had difficulty remembering my hotel room number when the hotel staff asked for my … Continue reading In The Mood for Travel

My Reverse Bucket List

My Reverse Bucket List on Travel

I wrote a post on my bucket list in last October and that was the first time I listed down my bucket list. I am a go with the flow kind of person and don't exactly plan for my personal travels. I usually plan a trip to the back of my business travel or decide … Continue reading My Reverse Bucket List on Travel


Taking Stock of 2016 & Looking Forward at 2017

Taking Stock of 2016 2016 was both an eventful and challenging year, the challenges helped me recognized how bless I am. In the last three months of 2016, I caught up on studying the Bible, read Christian literature and novel, and visited a few parks in Singapore which I will share on my visits in … Continue reading Taking Stock of 2016 & Looking Forward at 2017

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom is one of the many items in my bucket list. In July last year, this item in my bucket list was fulfilled. I was at Orlando to attend two conferences and was there for 12 days. Over the weekend, I went with my colleague to Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom, … Continue reading Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Da Nang Beach Resort

My Bucket List

Recently I started putting my bucket list in writing. As I listed down the items and reviewed what I have accomplished and when I accomplished them, I feel very bless to have done so much and visited so many places.  I am counting my blessings and thanking God for each. Visit Europe (December 2002) Visit … Continue reading My Bucket List

Lorong Halus Punggol Park

Taking Stock of the First Nine Months of 2016

Three quarter of 2016 has passed, it has been an eventful year, lots happened. Time to take stock of the past nine months, sharing my milestone in life in chronological order. First Trip to Japan - Finally, I stepped out of the Narita airport and stepped into Tokyo for the very first time in February, … Continue reading Taking Stock of the First Nine Months of 2016