Weekly Photo Challenge – Layered

Whenever I walked past this building, I could not help but stop to take a second or third look. This building is a hotel near Chinatown, Singapore along Pickering Street. It is beautifully designed, nature-inspired finishes with an abundance of natural light flowing into the building. Check out how the plants created the layered look, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Layered

Park Guell

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (Barcelona)

This week's photo challenge is Edge. This picture was taken by my friend at Park Guell in Barcelona. Park Guell was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity site by UNESCO since 1984. The people in the picture were standing at the edge at the highest point of Park Guell. For more on Park Guell, check … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (Barcelona)

Flee Market

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror (Barcelona)

This week's photo challenge is Mirror. This photo was taken at a flea market in Barcelona.  The ceiling of the market is covered with mirrors, reflecting the activities in the market. For more on my trip to Barcelona, check out  Barcelona.

El Retiro Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame (Madrid)

Are you a Star Wars fan? This week’s photo challenge is Frame This picture was taken in last November at the gate of El Retiro Park in Madrid before I left the Park.

Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame (Barcelona)

This week’s photo challenge is Frame View of the city of Barcelona through the window of the Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya (National Art Museum of Catalunya).