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Shalom! Mount Carmel

Mt Carmel

Shalom! Continuing our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier post, check out  Shalom! Israel. After departing from Caesarea , our next stop was to Mount Carmel before calling it a day. We arrived at the south-eastern peak of Mount Carmel, Muhraka – Discalced Carmelite Order Sanctuary and Convent.  It is marked by a dramatic stone

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Shalom! Caesarea

Caesarea National Park

Shalom!  Beginning of our journey in Israel, if you missed my earlier post, do check out – Shalom! Israel  Departed from Tel Aviv airport, our first stop was to Caesarea National Park. Caesarea National Park Caesarea National Park is situated on the Mediterranean coast in northern Sharon, lies alongside bays and shallow inlets and were

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Bye Taiwan!

228 Peace Park

My final day in Taiwan before catching evening flight back.  Had breakfast at the local eatery near Sheraton.  Walked past a church, walked through the Taiwan National University Hospital, then chanced upon 2/28 Peace Park. 二二八和平公園   2/28 Peace Park On 27 Feb 1947, an agent from the Government Monopoly Bureau found a 40-year old woman, surnamed Lin,

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Day 6 at Sun Moon Lake and Taipei


My day 6 in Taiwan, the day I bid farewell to the beautiful and surreal Sun Moon Lake.  For my earlier postings on my trip to Taiwan, check out Taiwan Walked around The Lalu and visited the Wen Wan Resort, the resort hotel next door, before heading back to Taipei.  The Wen Wan Resort is on

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Day 4 at Sun Moon Lake and The Lalu

Sun Moon Lake

My day 4 in Taiwan, for my earlier postings, check out Taiwan .  Got up early to catch the High Speed Rail (HSR) at Taipei Rail Station to Taichung.  The journey from Taipei to Taichung (Taiwan Central) took less than an hour.  Took a taxi to Sun Moon Lake – The Lalu, the hotel I put up

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Day 3 at Taipei – View from Taipei 101

Taipei 101

We decided to sleep in a bit as it was raining and to take it easy after a long day yesterday. After breakfast, we visited the Taipei 101 (臺北 101), officially known as the Taipei International Financial Center (臺北國際金融大樓), the 508-meter high skyscraper of 101-floor is in the Xinyi District. The Taipei 101 tower was

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