What Goes Around Comes Around

Sculpture of What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around, 2008 ed 1/8 Aluminium & Stainless Steel by Lorenzo Quinn (Spain) “Life is like a mirror where everything we do is reflected back onto us. We might not be able to recognize it and at times that image is hidden. It may not even be during our lifetime but it […]

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Life is like a Cup of Coffee


As I was going through my photos while enjoying a cup of coffee, I saw this photo, “The Cup Story”, that I took in Seoul. This photo reminds me of a famous quote by an unknown author – “Life is like a cup of coffee”. This quote has a story that accompanies it. The story […]

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Dim Sum Lunch – Live with No Regrets

Last week, my brother bought us dim sum for lunch at the old Chinese Restaurant where our parents used to bring us when we were kids. A place that brings back memories and the reason that my brother chose this Restaurant and thought dad would like it. Unfortunately, dad did not enjoy the food as […]

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