Must Do in Hualien, Taiwan

Hualien (花蓮) is a county situated on the east coast of Taiwan. It faces the Pacific Ocean to the east, Central Mountain Range to the west. It is the largest county by area yet with the lowest population in the country due to its mountainous terrain. Hualien is known for its natural and scenic environment including Taroko Gorge, Qingshui Cliff and Qixingtan Beach, that attracts many visitors, both domestic and overseas.

Hualien City was originally called Kiray (奇萊), named after the Sakiraya Taiwanese indigenous people and their settlement. During Taiwan’s Japanese colonial period (1895-1945) the island’s Japanese governors renamed it as Karenkō (花蓮港) which consisted of modern-day Hualien County. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in October 1945, Hualien was established as a county named Hualien County of Taiwan Province on 9 January 1946. (Reference from Wikipedia)

The following are the must-do in Hualien, Taiwan:

  1. Visit the famous Taroko Gorge
Can you see the Indian Chief?

2. Learn about the indigenous people

3. Hike or cycle the Swallow Grotto Trail

The Swallows Grotto – Pitted Limestone Cliff

4. Check out the Eternal Spring Changchun Shrine

Changchun Shrine from far, locating on top of the natural spring that flow to the waterfall

5. Marvel at the amazing Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff

6. Hike the Shakadang Trail

7. Eat your way at the Night Markets

8. Cycle and enjoy the view at Qixingtan Beach

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