Taiwan – Year-End Vacation Day 1 at Taipei

This trip to Taiwan was made in 2018, my usual year-end holiday. Even though it was December, the temperature in Taiwan was in the low to mid-twenties degree Celsius.

Instead of flying by my favourite airline, I flew by Eva Air to Taiwan. This is the first time I flew on Eva Air. I was lucky to get to fly on the Sanrio theme flight. Already felt excited before I boarded the flight.

When I got on board the flight and reached my seat, I was welcome by the cute looking Sanrio characters pillowcase. An hour after the flight took off, the flight attendants served us with the in-flight meal in sweet looking cutleries.

Upon arrival at Taipei, I checked into Eslite Hotel located at Yanchang Lu, right next to the old Tobacco Factory and the Song Yan Park. Eslite Hotel is a cosy hotel. A hotel that gives the feel of staying in a library. The room is big and cosy.

The lounge’s setting is comfortable and cosy too. Love the setting and the rabbit pictures on the wall. The whole hotel is very tastefully done up.

Eslite Hotel Lounge
Eslite Hotel Dining Hall

By the time I checked in at the hotel, it was almost dinner time. I freshened up and met my friend for dinner. We headed to Ximending for Ah Chong Noodle. There was a long queue as usual. Most were tourists like myself. After a bowl of noodle, I had a huge fried chicken chop. Basically eating like a tourist.

Bumming around a bit at Ximending, I got back to the hotel to plan my itinerary for rest of my stay at Taiwan.

Stay tuned to more posts on my holiday experience in Taiwan.

This trip was made in December 2018.

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