Looking Back on My Travels in 2018

Another year has come and gone. 2018 was a busy and fulfilling year for me. I went for two vacations and several business trips. I am glad I managed to take holiday breaks here and there. The most enjoyable trip was spring time in Tokyo.

My first vacation in 2018 was to Tokyo during Spring time. I am so glad we managed to catch the cherry blossoms. The sakura trees along the streets and parks were in full bloom. The scene was beautiful and the experience was surreal. Both morning and evening experience at the Parks viewing the beautiful sakura was different and just as enjoyable.

Spring at Shinjuku Gyoen, Toyko
Spring at Shinjuku Gyoen, Toyko

In April, I was off to Bali for our Offsite Meeting. It was a jam packed meeting. Only managed to get out for a nice dinner with a view at Ku De Ta

Come July, we have our next offsite meeting at Ho Chi Minh City, where we managed to steal sometime for a little shopping at Ben Thanh Market.

Next, came our annual “pilgrimage” to Las Vegas for our annual sales conference. Had lots of fun. Shop, eat and learn. 🙂

After our sales conference, we had a couple of days stop over in Seoul.

Come October, we have our next Offsite at Phuket. I enjoyed myself, both work and team building. We had so much fun at the team building session. Everyone demonstrated the competitive spirit in them. And our team won!

Time to wrap the year with a vacation. I went to Taiwan and Hualian for my year-end holiday. Took lots of pictures. Stay tuned for my posts on my trip to Taiwan.

Looking forward to visit and explore more new places in 2019.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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