Overcoming Excessive Consumerism

“Wanting less is a better blessing than having more.” – Mary Ellen Edmunds

The last time I tidied my apartment was one and half years ago. Unfortunately, I started to accumulate stuff again or did I? As I packed my stuff to be given away, I realised that I bought new stuff like shoes, clothing and bags but they are pretty much to replace my worn out shoes, clothing and bags. Having said that I still have lots to give away. I filled my car boot with stuff to be given away and still have a few more bags to stuff into my car boot that’s already packed to the rim.

So why do I still have so much stuff?  Well, as I went through the stuff to be given away, they are stuff that’s worn out and some are stuff that I could not bare to part with eighteen months ago and now I could. I am glad to declare that I broke free from excessive consumerism for two years. What steps can we take to overcome excessive consumerism?

Acknowledge and admit it is possible. Take the first step to acknowledge that we are consuming excessively.  Admit that it is possible to remove ourselves from the culture of consumption and to live intentionally.

Adopt a traveller’s mindset. When we travel, we take only what we need for the journey that we may feel lighter and freer to move around. Adopt a traveller’s mindset, carry only what we need for our life journey.

Accept the benefits of owning less. Owning less give us more freedom. We have more time on our hands instead of spending time maintaining and packing our stuff. We have more money to spend on experiences that matters like travelling to see the world, having a good meal with love ones and not forgetting “me” time.

Abstain from comparing up. When we compare our lives and possessions to those who have more than us, we lose joy. Stop comparing upward, spend time with those who have less and yet joyful.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Appreciate your money is only as valuable as what you choose to spend on. Would you want to spend your money on a luxury bag that provide you joy for the moment or give that money to someone or a charitable organisation, providing the people in need of hope.

Ascertain the total cost of owning your stuff. When we make a purchase, we only look at the price tag without considering the total cost of owning them. Our stuff usually cost us additional time and energy to clean and organise and money to maintain and service.

Buy Less, Save More, Less Stress, More Freedom.

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20 thoughts on “Overcoming Excessive Consumerism

  1. I’ve been decluttering twice a year. Still my house feels like there is too much stuff. When I moved in it was clean and neat with most of my possessions being books. Then people came to visit and starting sharing items – dining table with hutch, chairs, extra vanity, and so on. Plus I am a paper person (Tree hugger who seems to pile papers even though all of my bills are automatic payment). Now I have beads and jewelry items, essential oils, along with more books and shelves to hold them. I do very well with clothing, shoes and such. Only keeping what is worn each season and releasing the rest. We have a Sip ‘N Swap twice a year. I bring a few bins and leave with one or two items. I really want to open the door and have an estate sale to let people come and take what they wish. I’ve seem to become the keeper of family photos – separating and sharing those now too. My house and clean and neat but I want more space between items and feel its time to release even most of the books. Any suggestions as to how to be free of possessions. By the way, I don’t really travel lightly – generally more clothes than I’ll wear just in case of weather change, at least three books plus a Kindle. I’m trying to work on traveling lighter as well. Grab a camera, one book, one sweater/jacket that goes with everything, and clothing enough for cool or hot knowing I can wash the items if needed. The room in your photo looks so peaceful and freeing. Love and Light!

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