Wordless Wednesday in Barcelona


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday in Barcelona

  1. These two photos may not be accompanied by words, but they tell a great deal. The intricate work devoted to the church facade would have been undertaken probably over several decades and completed by generations of single-minded devotees who would only have the work of their hands as a legacy. Then today, in the lower photo, we see a tourist is using it as a backdrop for a selfie. The effort involved in self admiration compared to the devotion the builders must have had to an abstract idea seems a bit ironic, not to mention that the focus of the selfie would be on the face of the photographer, not on the artwork behind. This sounds a bit harsh and judgemental, but it only points to the effect of your photographs. I could just as easily have been the selfie person in the photo or any of the tourists gathered there.

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    1. This is the whole idea of posting wordless photos where the person looking at the photos interprets the story behind it. Yes, the focus of the photos is the lady taking a selfie. What I am trying to say through these photos is that the church is so awesome looking that there are many tourists who visit it and it’s a must-visit when one is at Barcelona and not to forget to take a selfie to share with your friends that you have been there.

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