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  1. One of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies is King Lear. This play involves a lot of human suffering, but it also shows the power that faith and faithful characters can have in the midst of great loss. Edgar is one such good and faithful character. His foolish father was once a senior government official, but failed realize that his other son, Edmund, was jealous and had wicked intentions. If you know the play, you might recall a scene where Gloucester’s enemies (friends of Edmund) literally blind him. Edgar later meets his now blind father wandering lost on a battlefield and repeatedly has to coach him, not only to walk without sight, but to stop despairing and wanting to give up all hope. Gloucester does not even know that it is Edgar who is helping him, not just because he is literally and figuratively blind, but Edgar has had to disguise himself to avoid being hunted down by Edmund and his allies. But this long example is my attempt to agree that lifting the spirits of others can be hard work. Sometimes our survival, and the survival of those we love, depends on our faith, good cheer and positive endurance.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and your sharing. Absolutely agree that lifting the spirits of others is hard work though it could be satisfying and rewarding at times.


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