My Second Real Neat Blog Award

I received a nomination for The Real Neat Blog Award from Carlo Tuzon of Weheartraveling blog. I would like to thank Carlo for the nomination.

Carlo is currently a seafarer, enjoying the opportunities of seeing the world for free, a piece of the world one place at a time. Do check out Carlo’s blog.


The Real Neat Blog Award was started by Dear Kitty Blog in late 2014 to connect blogs and bloggers all over the world and to award their efforts and work.

As this is my second nomination for The Real Neat Blog Award, I will not be making any nomination.

My response to the questions from Carlo

What motivated you to engage in blogging?

To get to know other bloggers, learn from them and plan my next vacation.

What is/are your goals for your blog a year from now?

I do not have any specific goal for my blog for a year from now, I just want to enjoy the blogging journey as it helps me relax, taking my mind away from my work.

If you are given another chance to start a new blog, what would you be writing about?

I will still share my journey of simplifying my life and my travel experiences.

What measures do you take in order to attract more traffic?

I set auto-publishing of my blog post to my Facebook page and Google+ Page.

If you were given a chance to give ONLY ONE advice to new bloggers, what would it be?

Enjoy the blogging journey.

Which one weighs more in your opinion- blog comments OR blog likes? Why?

Comments weigh more as one has to read the post in order to make a relevant comment.

If you were to give your blog another name- what would it be?

Audrey Simplicity which is my original blog name.

Wishing all my fella bloggers, happy blogging!

Thank you for stopping by, Happy Living for Experiences!

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