Umagase & Cape Hyuga – Where Wishes Come True

After taking a quick bite at Sakurajima, we made our way to Miyazaki. We took a pit stop and saw the tourist board introducing Umagase, a scenic and beautiful place. As it was early afternoon, I did a search on Google and found the phone number and keyed into our car GPS and made our way to Umagase.


Umagase 馬ヶ背

Umagase is a cape that juts out into the Pacific Ocean providing an unobstructed panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The 70-metre high cliff has cracked into hexagonal columns. The name Umagase means horse’s back may have come from the fact that the rocks are similar in colour to horses.

After taking lots of pictures, I sat down to enjoy the view, the smell of the ocean and the sound of the wave hitting the rocks. I am glad we made a detour. The experience is priceless.


Cape Hyuga 日向市

Another spectacular view is the Cape Hyuga, located at the southern tip of the Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park. Look at the details of pillar rocks formed from lava and the panoramic view of the Hyuga-nada Sea and the cliff walls are spectacular and breathtaking.


“The Sea Cross” – Where Wishes Come True

The sea has worn the columnar rocks into the shape of a cross. It is said that praying here will make your wishes come true. As it was my birthday anniversary, I took the opportunity to say a little prayer.

Can you see the shape of a cross?

Hososhima Lighthouse

Our next and final stop before continuing our journey to Miyazaki is Hososhima Lighthouse. The lighthouse stands at approximately 100 m above sea level, was built with red brick in 1910, then reconstructed in 1941.


Miyazaki City

After a relaxing walk and taking in the ocean view, we drove to Miyazaki city centre. Through Google map, we found our way to the hotel we are putting up for the night. The hotel looks new and it is the same group of the hotel as the one we stayed at Nagasaki.

We checked in and freshened up and made our way to the teppanyaki restaurant that my colleague recommended. The restaurant is about fifteen minutes drive from the hotel. As we did not make any reservation, we were seated at the teppanyaki counter. Glad we were early, else we may not get ourselves seated as the restaurant was packed when we left. The tenderloin and sirloin steaks were excellent. Perfectly cooked, tender and melted in my mouth. Super yummy. 😋

After a sumptuous dinner, we checked out the mall next to it then made our way back to the hotel. The surroundings of the hotel looked rather happening and we parked our car and explored the area. Along the side roads are the gentlemen clubs, displaying photos of the hostess and men standing at the entrance waiting for clients.

We decided to make our way back to the hotel to plan our trip to Takachiho. We did some search on the web and found little interesting places to visit except for the famous Takachiho Gorge.

Stay tuned for my next post on our experience at Takachiho.

This trip was made in October 2017.


The Lowdown – Umagase

Address: Hososhima, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki-ken 883-0001

Telephone: 0982-55-0235

For more information, please go to


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