A World of Distractions

“Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus.” — Ann Voskamp

There are times when I picked up my phone to check my calendar, I got distracted when I saw an e-mail notification and started checking my e-mail. Then I went on checking my Facebook. I absolutely forgot about why I picked up my phone. Has this ever happened to you?

With the smartphone, our world has become a constant feed of information and entertainment. As a marketer for technology, I believe in using technology to solve our problems. On the flip side, we can be enslaved to the same technology that supposed to give us a better quality of life.

It is common to see families having meals at a restaurant or eatery, where the parents were busy responding to e-mails, online chats or perhaps checking their Facebook feeds on their smartphones and kept their child occupied, playing games on the iPad. These distractions go virtually unnoticed or worse, it has become the way to live our lives.

The internet age is changing the way we receive and consume information. The trivial information overload distracts us and pulls our attention from what is in front of us be it our work, or our family and friends. It is for us to decide when and how to consume the information and not allow it to distract us and take over our lives.

Are the alerts, feeds, and messages distracting us from living your life? How do we recognise these “small” distractions that slowly creep into our lives without us knowing? Do you regularly assess the path of our lives? Are you seeking and investing in what matters?

Filter out the digital distractions – We are bombarded with messages nearly every moment of the day, battling for space in our minds. Most of these messages are neither urgent nor important, yet we get distracted by these messages from what is important and significant to us. To reduce the distractions, make intentional decisions to filter out what is not important nor significant. As a start, how about turning off the non-essential app notification like e-mail, news, games, shopping, social media, etc. Next, remove apps that are acting as a distraction instead of adding value to your life.

Wherever you are, be all there – When having meals with family and friends or in a meeting, be all there and not be there physically but your mind is on your smartphone. When we take the time to meet for meals or for a meeting, be all there, respect each others time and presence, make the most of the time spent.

“Wherever you are, be all there.” —Jim Elliot

Create a To Do List – I personally prefer to write down a To Do List on my physical diary or a PostIt pad as it helps to give me clarity as I write. By writing down, I have lesser things to remember, I just need to refer to the list. Another reason for writing it down on a physical notepad rather than digitally is to avoid getting distracted by the apps on the smartphone.

Take time to reflect and journal – I started writing about my day since 2012 and a daily thanks-living this year. Each evening, I spent five to ten minutes writing a short summary of my day and also one thing I thank God for. By reflecting and writing down daily, we know where and how we spend our time and resources that we may make necessary adjustments and refocus our energy and resources.

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.” – Nathan W Morris 

Identify a way to relieve stress – In the past, I swam to relieve stress as swimming helped to clear my mind, relieve stress and frustrations. Then I switched to retail therapy which gave me happiness for the moment. Now I jog and walk to relieve stress. Jogging and walking help to clear my mind and also good for my health. Identify or develop a healthy hobby to relieve our stress instead of allowing distractions that provide relieve just for the moment.

Reduce material possessions – Do not allow material possessions distract us from living our life. Discard everything and pick what to keep. After use, put back where it was taken from. Every item that we keep should bring joy and serve a purpose.

Seek inspiration – Surround yourself with like-minded people, who are accomplishing the greater good with their lives. Share with them your goals that you may spur each other on. Follow blogs that inspire you to live a purposeful life, a life that matters.

Our world is filled with constant distractions and they will not go away. Digital distractions will likely grow as we become more reliant on technology. We need to make a decision and conscious effort to manage distractions around us, both digitally and physically, and not let them take over our lives subtly. Focus on what matter.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Living for Experiences!

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8 thoughts on “A World of Distractions

  1. For us there is a time to be connected and a time to be not.
    That’s why we stick with books and magazines instead of e-versions of them. When one holds a digital device in one’s hand there is that much temptation to dive into all the distractions. So, discard them for a while would be actually a good thing in our opinion, except at work though…

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