Travel Essentials in My Hand Carry

After jet setting for business for nine years, spending 70% of my time away from home to different parts of the world, I am ever ready to pick up my luggage to leave for a trip.

Whether I am travelling for business or leisure, following are the essentials in my hand carry:

Travel Wallet – I have my passport in my travel wallet and a copy of my passport details stored on my phone. I also have my airlines and hotel membership cards handy so that I will not miss any membership bonus miles/points to redeem free flight, hotel stay, meals or gifts. I usually keep another credit card in my travel pouch, in case my wallet goes missing or stolen. Always have a pen with me as it will come in handy to complete the immigration and customs forms on board the plane.

Travel Purse – I usually use a smaller purse/wallet when I travel with just the essentials like one or at most two credit cards and driver’s licence as a form of identity in my wallet.

Foreign Currency – I change a small amount of foreign currency at the airport and bring along balance foreign currencies from other countries to exchange at the airport of destination. By doing this, I will not need to keep and manage multiple foreign currencies, reducing the potential risk of financial loss due to foreign exchange rate fluctuation.

Toiletries Pouch – Hand lotion, lip balm, eye drop, mirror, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wet wipes. Hand lotion, eye drop and hand sanitizer need to be placed in a transparent pouch or zip-lock bag.

Gadgets – Laptop (when travelling for business), tablet, eReader, camera and phone.

Power Bank – Power banks are not allowed in check-in luggage. Therefore, I keep my power bank and necessary cable(s) in my hand carry which comes in handy when my gadgets run out of power.

Noise Cancellation Headset/Ear Piece – For watching in-flight movies or on my tablet, especially on flights with loud and noisy passengers.

Emergency Kit – Charcoal/Carbon pills, Loquat Compound and Self-Adhesive Bandages.  I usually have charcoal pills with me as I have a sensitive stomach. Loquat Compound helps to relieve discomfort if I am feeling throat discomfort or feverish.

Water Bottle – An essential especially when flying on long haul flight to ensure hydration. I usually bring an empty water bottle with me and request the steward or stewardess fill it with water when I am on board. 

Sounds like I carry lots of stuff with me. In fact, they fit nicely into a medium size handbag or backpack. If I am travelling to countries during their late autumn and winter, I will have my cashmere scarf in my hand-carry. At my last trip to Japan, my friend laughed at me that my bag is like a Doraemon’s pocket. 🙂

Dear readers, what are your essentials in your hand carry?


Thank you for stopping by, happy Living for Experiences!

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