Dim Sum Lunch – Live with No Regrets

Last week, my brother bought us dim sum for lunch at the old Chinese Restaurant where our parents used to bring us when we were kids. A place that brings back memories and the reason that my brother chose this Restaurant and thought dad would like it.

Unfortunately, dad did not enjoy the food as dad being a retired dim sum chef is very particular about food, especially dim sum. The place lost the nostalgia feel as most of the push cart servers understood little Cantonese though the Restaurant setting looks the same. And the quality of the food is not as good as before.

Dim Sum Lunch

Both my brother and I thought dad would like eating at that Chinese Restaurant because of the nostalgia feel. We overlooked the fact that dad is very particular about the quality of the food and how the food is being served.

Dad commented that he preferred this other Chinese Restaurant at Great World City that I brought him and mum for dim sum lunch in the past. Dad enjoyed eating the frog leg porridge which only certain Chinese Restaurants would serve. Besides the food, I guess dad misses Great World City as I used to bring mum and him for meals before mum passed on.

Brother told me that he recently watched a video about a man having dim sum with his family and regrets that he did not spend more time with his dad.  A reminder for us to spend more time with dad and not live with regrets.

This week, my sister and I brought dad to the Chinese Restaurant at Great World City for dim sum lunch and frog leg porridge. Looking at dad enjoying his meal is priceless. Glad I managed to spend some time with him before I embark on my next chapter in life.

We may make all the money in the world or visit every part of the world. Most important do not live with regrets for not spending time with our loved ones. They could be our aged parents or grandparents, or our young children when they learn to walk and talk. Do not miss those moments as those moments once gone, we could never get them back.

Running water does not flow back, neither does life. Live a life with no regrets, make it happy. Live for what matters.


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18 thoughts on “Dim Sum Lunch – Live with No Regrets

  1. That was a nice post and so true. I love dim sum too and I do understand as my father is also very particular with foods as he tries to compare the taste and quality in the old days and when my mum was still alive she can make simple dishes taste great. A regret that I wasn’t paying much attention when she was teaching me in my early teens.

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      1. Yes, I remembered the last time I went back home last year and I brought my parents there, we didn’t like it very much as well. We can find something much better elsewhere for the same amount of price or less.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. Growing up in a family of 7, it was indeed a hard time for my parents to bring us up. Having to deal with 5 kids is never a joke especially when they are just about a year apart. Definitely appreciate my parents hard work. Need to spend more time with them now as they are in their 70s. Time flies and now it’s time to catch up before they leave me. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps I too can bring my parents for Dim Sum 🙂

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    1. Wow! Sounds like we both grew up in a big family. My parents have six children and I am the youngest. Yeah, spend more time with them and bring your lovely boy along, I am sure they will be excited to see their lovely grandson.

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  3. Wow, a retired dim sum chef?!? You must have had some delightful meals growing up. This is a very heartwarming story and a reminder to spend time with those that are important to us. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Unfortunately not during our growing up days. Dad retired early, that’s when we got to eat the food he cooked. Now, he is too old to cook so he supervised his helper to cook for us during Chinese New Year.

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