Wordless Wednesday in Kyoto – Week 10

Kyoto Arashiyama



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Audrey is a lifestyle and travel blogger and a technology marketeer by trade, living in Singapore. She is pursuing a life of simplicity, focusing on experiences - reducing her possessions, staying responsible to the environment and increasing her self-sufficiency. She also enjoys travelling and exploring Singapore to find a new perspective in life.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday in Kyoto – Week 10

    1. Typically the rain starts late morning. Go out early, enjoy the nice morning sun and fresh air. Ever since I stopped my crazy business travel, I finally get to enjoy the beautiful parks, river and coastal walk in Singapore.

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      1. Heheh, we get into office very early! And have TCs well into the night too…so the window of time is tight since there are tons of other things to do! Perhaps the weekends we’ll try if we don’t sleep in late!

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