Otterly Cute Lunar New Year

2nd Day of Lunar New Year

Ever thought of starting the Year of the Rooster with the otters? Well, not on the first day of the Lunar New Year as that’s the day dedicated to the family get together.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, I was at Marina Bay area for the River Hongbao Lunar New Year celebration held at the Floating Platform. After I finished my round at River Hongbao, I walked to the Youth Olympics Games Park next to the River Hongbao.

From the Youth Olympics Games Park, I saw a big group of people gathering under the Helix Bridge. I guess it has to do with the otters. When I saw my otter enthusiast friend standing among the crowd, I know I am right. This is the Bishan family of thirteen – papa otter, mama otter, seven adult otters and four otter pups. What a great way to start the Year of the Rooster with the Otterly Cute Otters.


This was my first encounter with the cute otter pups, watching them run, swim, eat and play. The pups looked so small and cute. They have an inquisitive look on their face especially when they looked up at us. They were probably wondering why there were so many people standing around watching them. With the number of people crowding around at the Helix Bridge and under the Helix Bridge watching them, they definitely have stolen the show from the River Hongbao.

As the Otter family are frequently seen at the Marina Bay area, the authority put up clear signage on The Dos and Don’ts If Encounter Otters to provide guidance to the people. I find this signage really helpful as the graphics on the signage is telling without having to read the words in detail.

My favourite shot, otter pup looking up with that inquisitive look.
Papa Otter and Mama Otter bringing their pups for a swim together with the adult otters.
Otter pups watching their big brother enjoying his catch.
Mama Otter making sure Otter pup is enjoying the catch.

After spending over an hour under the Helix Bridge, I made my way back. Along Empress Place, I saw a group of people at the opposite side of the riverbank, staring down at the river. This was an unusual sight, people gathering at the Central Business District on a public holiday. It has to be the otters.


I crossed the Cavenagh Bridge, built by the Scottish in 1868, to the river bank in front of the UOB Plaza. Another family of seven otters (papa otter, mama otter, two adult otters and three young otters) were having their “reunion dinner”.

Everyone at the riverbank was taking pictures of them, some taking selfies with the lovely otters in the background. I sat there, watching them enjoying their meal. The otters seemed to be putting up a performance for their fans or perhaps they were just enjoying the attention.


After their meal, the adult otters swam towards The Riverwalk area. They swam to the opposite side of the riverbank and climbed up the steps to recce the situation. As there were too many people, they went back down to the river.


The otters continued their swim and I decided to stop following them. This is the first time I saw twenty otters in a day, thirteen otters under the Helix Bridge and another seven otters in front of UOB Plaza, Boat Quay.

3rd Day of Lunar New Year

On the third day of Lunar New Year, once again I went for my usual morning walk. Lo and behold, I heard the sound of the otters when I was walking along the canal. They were fishing in the canal. I guess they must be the same family of otters I saw at Boat Quay the evening before as there were also seven of them.

I followed them to the Jiak Kim Bridge like a paparazzi. The family of otters climbed up the stairs and mud bath on the river bank. Almost everyone stopped cycling, jogging and walking their dogs to watch the otters. Two ladies that I stood next to said that they found it therapeutic just to watch the otters play. That is so true. Watching them play brightens up my day.

Enjoy the video of the lovely otters having their mud bath.

What a lovely way to start the Year of the Rooster.

For more on the lovely otters in Singapore, check out my other posts here.

All photographs are taken using Leica C and the video was recorded using iPhone.


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23 thoughts on “Otterly Cute Lunar New Year

  1. wuaaah Otters are so cute!! They’re my soul mates :p I like how lively and energetic they are! I’ve never seen as many otters in the same place either but sometimes I visit the otters here at the zoo. They’re just a few though and mostly sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One of my wishes is to see an otter for myself. They’ve been spotted near our house… but, as yet I haven’t seen one. I live in hope and I love your post and video.
    Great to meet you and thanks for dropping by my blog as well. x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great to meet you too and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 We are fortunate as the otters living here are friendly and less shy. Perhaps they are used to humans who always look so happy and excited seeing them. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The mama otter is rather protective of her pups so I doubt they would get too comfortable. I am more concern about the people. A little girl was trying to approach the pup and I gotta stop her from getting too close.

      Liked by 1 person

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